Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4 Reasons Diets Fail.

Here is one of those latest insipid diet articles written by the usual never has seen an ounce of fat in her life author--[if the picture is any indicator]. In this there doesn't seem to be any real advice we haven't heard before, except that you are lazy and must focus even more on saying "Don't Eat!", "Don't Eat"! This is like telling someone "Don't focus on the blue dot!" and then one's brains are filled with nothing but pictures of blue dots. One thing that troubled me about Weight Watchers was sitting about counting points all day long, it actually made me far more focused on food, and "what do I get to eat?"

Then there is the condemnation factor: forever thin woman, tells the fat people, they just need to work harder, and are "not fully committed"; you think by now, someone in the upper echelons of Diet Industries Inc would be saying, "hey you know this isn't working" maybe we should take a different approach but that is not where the money lies.

Here are my four reasons diets fail: [some of these I will be expanding on later]

1. They do not take into account the reality of human hunger. People get hungry. Fat people are hungrier {I will be doing a post on that later}. Eating a salad with no dressing for lunch and a small apple, I will guarantee you, your stomach will be growling to beat the band 2 hours later, and your brain even if you are surrounded by fun diversions, will be thinking of nothing but food.

I used to tell doctors, look doing Atkins, I passed out in the street after I ignored hours of my stomach growling to my own demise, if I eat one quarter of an English muffin--something I saw actually recommended by Richard Simmons, I may as well not waste my time.

2. They cost a lot of money that many fat people do not have. I own tons of diet books, every fat person does. I've often have had dreams about winning the Lotto, and being able to follow one of these diets to the tee, filling my cupboards with such niceties as Balsamic Vinegar, flax, and you name it.

3. Dieting drop kicks the metabolism. Lower the calories too much, and your body defending its set point, burns far less. Many continue the dieting merry-go-round. I believe the dieting mentality actually has led to more fat people. Unhappiness, activity as punishment, and starvation diets actually in an odd inverse way have led to more fat people. One thing, if you are low on money for groceries, and eat one [big] meal day, out of the unyielding hunger, it doesn't do pretty things to the metabolism for some folks.

4. Starvation Dieting is almost the inverse of binge eating, like two sides of the same coin, and seem to work to help each other along. Read up on the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, where starvation led some subjects to increased obesession with food and lowered metabolism.

Perhaps some will say to me, well you have failed dieting, yes I admit it even though I have lost great amounts in the past, and managed to scramble away from immediate death obesity--to merely morbid going to kill you more slowly obesity. I have lost at least 50lbs [I can be sure of] over the last 3 years, but when you're as big as me, even though there is a few dresses I can't wear out anymore due to too much looseness in the chest, 50lbs is barely noticeable at this size.

My endeavor here, is to get them to start finding stuff that works, instead of telling more of us, "its you", "youre just not committed enough".


  1. diets don't work for one reason, they do not address the real culprit, they try to address the symptoms. you can't solve a crime unless you have the evidence to point the finger at the real bad guy.

    once he is caught you can then deal with him in the right way.


  2. I agree. I have given up on dieting. I just got more depressed, more bothered about food, and figured out it wasn't working anyhow. Try to eat healthy and when hungry, past that can't do much more. They do not address the real culprit as you say whatsoever and that is why the "crime" or obesity remains unsolved.