Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Gluttony Enterprises

What is the purpose of all this gluttony on display? To help American's become even fatter or blow out their arteries by a younger age? To be honest, why hasn't this guy reached 500lbs? Am tempted to write and ask him. Perhaps he can share his secret. Does he throw up everything he eats after he raises his hands in victory? In case you are wondering this is Adam Richland from the food show Man Vs. Food. Watching this show even a few times, this guy has eaten things, it seems would blow out the average person's stomach, such as pizza's the size of coffee tables or shakes that are three feet tall. This isn't the only show that seems to push gluttony to it's extreme, one popular thing now is televised eating contests {something that should have never been made into a contest} like Nathan's Hot Dog eating contest, someone eating 53 hotdogs is not something to glory in, but to be disgusted by.

What surprised me is this contest this year, was on ESPN...

This is pathetic, and show some of the schizophrenia America is fully embroiled in, when it comes to food issues, and the "war on obesity".

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