Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Food is Poisoning Us

Get ready to be grossed out: "Chicken McNuggets Contain Silly Putty Chemical" I am not surprised such things are being reported in Europe, but this one seems consigned to the alternative media in America only.

I did an article on my old website, called the Real Causes of the Obesity Epidemic. Please read for context regarding this entry. This essay talks about how higher levels of stress-cortisol, endocrine disrupters, and more and how they are affecting American obesity. To this, add GMO food, food that is lower in nutrients, higher levels of growth hormones, negative practices of corporate farming, increased use high fructose corn syrup-which by the way used to be used to fatten pigs and is now being infused in savory non-sweet foods, growth hormone, aspartame and the purposeful filling up of food with as huge amounts of fat and sugar as possible to help the brain become more addicted, so the companies make more profit.

Last year, I was on Weight Watchers, and I noted the month, where I lost the most weight, was the most financially blessed month, where I was able to get more lean meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and had the widest variety of food. {Yeah I do try to lose weight from time to time--more on that later}. This didnt surprise me. I believe that the more nutrients one has, the easier the weight loss, and more the body will come in line. Americans are growing fatter, because to be honest, much of the food just is so low quality, it is made for profit, filled with chemicals, and empty-calorie sugars and fats, neurotoxics, and is nutritionally deficient, which will actually keep the cravings humming and the body desperate for more. There is a reason a tomato from the veggie stand or home grown garden tastes so much better, or why food has "lost taste", they are "engineering" the heart and life out of it.

With all the talk about fighting obesity, how come no one is pointing out the obvious, a lot of our food stinks!

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  1. I think you;'re right about the food being very low-quality now,and people getting fatter because of that.I do not enjoy PIZZA as being the most enjoyable,delicious meal you could get.It's the "poor man's"idea of a good meal.Starch is cheaper,along with cheap oils,so lots of fatty,starchy,cheap food goes with poverty.

    One of the most expensive,healthiest diets is high-protein,low-fat,high in vegetables and fruit.And,plenty of fish.All of these cost a lot more now.