Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Lois Lane Gets Fat?

Source Dial B For Blog

First thing on her mind, "Ill die if Superman sees me!" Not worries about health or anything like that.
"Lois Lane, never at a loss for strange transformations, gets fat in this issue. Or not just "fat," but "the Fattest Girl in Metropolis!" Obviously a city where REALLY fat people are not allowed to enter. So what does Lois worry about? Her health? A heart attack? No! She has but one thought, which she must say out loud: "If Superman ever saw me now, I'd die!"


  1. i seem to remember that comic book cover; did you know Gilda Radner when she had cancer, gained a lot of weight from some of the meds? also psychiatric meds often make people gain weight.It's hard to keep off lbs. when you go thru menopause, because your HORMONES keep you thin! once you lose the hormones,the weight jumps on.maybe the "cure" for fat people is a med that imitates the hormones,somehow,and THAT gives you fake-hormone

  2. Yeah I remember that Gilda got fat and she was stick thin and a bulimic. I know all that prednisone I took and inhaled steroids didnt do my weight any favors either. I have to take lung steroids now and they scare the crap out of me in keeping weight on. I hope I don't get fatter with old age, but have my appetite go down more and not get hungry, but that doesnt seem to be happening. I woke up at 6:30 am and was starving, and ate a ham sandwich but at least I lasted til a late lunch where we ate tofu burritos with peppers. I wonder why I am so hungry. I think they should approach things from the hormones too instead of chopping everyone's stomachs to bits!