Monday, May 20, 2013

Why Are Kids Obese?

 I had this thought the other day, when a friend said, "you need to do some couponing to save money!" I told them there is nothing they make coupons for that I would buy, except maybe a few NewMan Own products like lite balsamic vinegar salad dressing. Anyhow I sat and thought, "why can't one get a coupon for broccoli?"? Anyhow the above defines why you will see more poor fat kids and thin rich ones. I love salad, and well it runs out first and is the least affordable during the food insecure weeks.


  1. you can't get coupons for vegetables or good food, cause the company wants to sell you THEIR JUNK THEY MADE---thats what coupons are for, to promote their product, not give you a price deal on decent food. like now, junk foods are cheap, and vegies.fruit, fish, ect, all the healthy foods are now EXPENSIVE--back to us peasants eating potatoes,lard, while the top rich eat good quality food, nice wine, and FRESH not STALE or ROTTENFOOD. Its going back to all-peasants, and the few rich ruling over them. uugh! BACK TO SERFDOM!

  2. I have not used a coupon in years. It's never anything I want to eat. Maybe a box of veggie patties ONCE. It is just about promoting cheap foods and the most processed stuff. I have noticed that. Even those middle sales aisles of grocery stores are always full of the worse absolute food. My local grocery store is always getting rid of the good stuff making the rest of us suffer for either people too poor to get anything good or the lowest common denominator tastes. All the healthy stuff is expensive. It frightens me what I spend on food. Even to get a small thing of tofu, for one meal is 3.50. When I lived in the ghetto, they often got the old or stale rotten food, I went to the Mexican grocery stores where things were a bit better. They do give poor people bad food. We are going back to serfdom, the poor will have rotten crap GMO factory farmed food and the rich the organic and decent stuff.