Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Exciting Fat People!


LOL do I have to be exciting? How exciting do I have to be? One thing if any of you met me in real life, I would not bore you. Intellectually, if your brain works different enough, it can be like it's own built in entertainment center. :p

They even have a fat cheerleader on there. Hey I think that's positive so people especially of the midsized persuasion never hold themselves back. I want to see more doors open to fat people where they can do different things and no young fat woman is discriminated against.

Do what you can with your life! I had an art show when I was 590lbs! I got married in a traditional wedding dress too at almost 700lbs!

The girl doing archery is cool too. I tried it once at a camp I was working at, and would like to do it again sometime.

 I want to try some archery too. Even if I have to stand up next to my walker it looks like fun.

This week I am exploring Greek recipes and I added some British Commonwealth stamps that were donated to me to my stamp collection.

There is a lot in this world to enjoy. This website Exciting Fat People did put a smile on my face.

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