Sunday, July 7, 2013

NAAFA wants to remove "FAT" from it's name

"What's in an association name change?"

NAAFA wants to remove "FAT" from it's name.

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance involved its members in discussions about a potential name change, which NAAFA leadership believes is a must in order to advance the organization’s mission.
In a connected society, branding is everything, and it starts with something simple: a name.
For an association, its name reflects what the organization stands for. If it causes confusion or controversy—as in the case of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance—it might mean a change is in order.
That’s the message NAAFA sent to its members in a recent newsletter: “Life comes with very few guarantees, but one of those is that things are going to change. … Whether as an individual or as an organization, we must continue to evolve if we are to survive and thrive.”
Jason Docherty, NAAFA’s board chair, said the inclusion of the word ‘fat’ in the organization’s name has had a negative impact in various aspects of the group’s work—everything from building strategic partnerships to recruiting members to encouraging serious conversations about fat acceptance. The group is now considering its second name change in the organization’s 40-year history. Originally known as the National Association to Aid Fat Americans, NAAFA has not disclosed the options under consideration for the new name.
Every serious debate, we’re going in with one hand tied behind our back because people don’t want to listen when they hear what NAAFA stands for.
“Every serious debate, we’re going in with one hand tied behind our back because people don’t want to listen when they hear what NAAFA stands for,” Docherty said. “When they get past the name, the conversations we have are great, but the initial shock is causing problems we don’t really need.”

Hmm to make itself more corporate friendly?

Who are these people "who don't want to listen"? Your typical fat bigots? The "get-back in line" corporate crowd? The ones already profiting off the failed "war" on obesity while they fill the food with fattening agents? 

"Branding" is corporate speak for lowest common denominator in my book. In some lexicon's one could call it "selling out".

I thought one major part of size acceptance I agree with was taking the STIGMA out of the WORD FAT. Looks like they are doubling back on themselves, "oh we can't use this word, it's too horrible!" 

Hey haven't I always said on this blog multiple times that NAAFA and size acceptance groups such as HAES that ignored the health realities of fat were already in SERVICE of the POWERS THAT BE, including the corporate powers profiting off the diet industry.

NAAFA already changed it's name once, to please the politically-correct crowd--the fat promoters and fat admirers and there within went from desiring to HELP FAT AMERICANS [AID FAT AMERICANS] to the promotion of obesity itself  [ADVANCE FAT ACCEPTANCE].

Hmm I guess that one helped out those corporations didn't it?

Goodbye NAAFA and the rest: Why I left Size Acceptance

Is there anything out there that doesn't get "owned" or "co-opted"? Sometimes I doubt it.


  1. NAAFA is a joke. They have not been a voice for fat people for decades since they became a man hating fat girls club.

  2. There are many men who have stated that about NAAFA. I think it is because the "fat admirer" crowd had their hands in the whole mess.

    The extreme feminism too chased the men away.

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