Friday, July 19, 2013

Heat Wave!

Do any of you remember weather like this when you were kids? Because I sure do not. Ok we had hot days once in a while but not extended weeks of them, and where the whole country was covered and there was no place to escape. This is today's temperature. We had Real Feel temperatures at 108
degrees a couple days ago. You have to be kidding me!   I haven't seen the outside world since some long ago Thursday. I hate when my world comes to a screeching halt, because they have to get busy with the chemtrails or whatever it is they are doing.  


  1. We had a summer in Ohio in the late 80's where several times the temperature reached 100 degrees over the course of a month. No one seems to remember it, I had to work in it so I'll never forget it. .

  2. I had to work at a camp in 1988, I was fat, but midsized and could walk for miles back then, so did alright, I think that probably was your hot year, we hit the 90s and 100s multiple times. Only problem is now instead of once in a while where a year like that comes, they seem more and more common!