Monday, July 8, 2013

Why Do People Have To Strip to Love Their Bodies?

This is Marilyn Wann's latest....Backdoor put downs?  Fat people get naked or else? Maybe I am too "conservative" [actually reject both the red and blue pills] but I don't get this whole scene.

"Marilyn Wann organizes an undies demonstration in front of Victoria's Secret and A in San Fran, calling for better representation of body diversity"

[original source-Jezebel]

Notice something about this picture, none of those stripped down women seem to have crossed the 210 mark except for Marilyn Wann herself!

People Don Their Skivvies to Push for Body Diversity at Victoria's Secret


  1. Also notice that there are no fat men participating in this protest.

    I always find it funny that straight fat men are the most conservative group in the fat acceptance community.

    Fat women and fat gay men who are egged on by male fat admirers strip all the time.

  2. Yeah I noticed that, they got the ONE guy who looks like a MALE MODEL, and it's like he was "hired" to be there.

    I wonder if the extreme liberalism of the size acceptance world, is one reason the straight fat men seem to be ostracized. You know HYPER-FEMINISM run rampant, to the point men are closed out.

    Course I don't think straight males fat or thin are going to be taken in by such silliness, lets all STRIP, to show how proud we are to be FAT! HUH???

    There is some weird focus on nakedness, in my opinion and this may be VERY VERY CONTROVERSIAL, I believe it is a backdoor way to DEMEAN fat people. That we are only worth as much as our BODIES.

    Criminals and the genocidal always make people [their victims] take their clothes OFF, for HUMILIATION and CONTROL [maybe I should turn this into an article]

    So why are all the fat women especially being told to get naked to be accepted, why does so much fat art focus ON NAKED FAT PEOPLE?

    I've been told I am more masculine in personality, maybe so maybe not, I look at that scene and frankly think "HOW STUPID!"

    1. I do not think that Fat Acceptance (especially in the Facebook & Tumblr areas) ever truly exorcised the fetishes from places like Dimensions and Fantasy Feeder.

      True Blogs are a better source for Fat Acceptance.

    2. I agree William, definitely and I tend to stick with blogs of real people or independent websites though I may post from the mainstream fat acceptance here to show what they are up to.


  4. Jezebel notes this event was organized by a group called "About Face" that was pushing for more skinny people in Victoria's Secret ads as well, not just fat folk.


    Looks like they have thin people running it. Strange.

    The director has conventional "good looks"

    Battling the powers that be, by advancing even more focus on "bodies" doesn't seem a way to win the war to me.

  6. this has always bothered me about some groups lately. it does seem (in my unscientific opinion) to be mostly young women, and very media-savvy for the most part. they are certainly free to do whatever they want with their bodies, but I don't understand how dressing in scanty clothes is supposed to make people accept them more. It just makes them look like a show of some kind.

    I see this on blogs too, and tumblr especially. it seems like a real lack of confidence to me. I suppose in comparison to a lot of them I dress pretty modestly, although I don't think overall that I do. I dress like a regular casual-office woman.

    i'd really like to get on board with fat acceptance, because several members of my family have had to deal with this. but I find myself really turned off by the attitude a lot of them have. I would actually really like to see you write posts on the movement. I've read your blog for some time (actually I think I hit every back posting too) and i find it to be possibly the sanest writing on being fat. so if you are thinking about ideas one day i vote to see more posts on the fat acceptance movement

    1. I have noticed this too, its more popular with the young crowd and they seem to have been indoctrinated into the whole "get naked" thing. It's annoying. I think its a show too, and seems tied to lack of confidence and overcompensation, trying to compete with the world that focuses on nothing but THINNESS, LOOKS and being SEXY. I am more conservative but I asked what happened to FEMINISM and that idea of NOT OBJECTIFYING WOMEN or allow yourself to be OBJECTIFIED? Guess I am old school to the max.

      I am turned off too by the size acceptance attitude, I actually have written on them a lot on here, though not as much recently outside of the NAAFA changing its name post...