Monday, July 8, 2013

"My Wife Weighs 900lbs"

This is rather old [1999], it does show the day to day life of a 900lb woman, sorry it's Jerry Springer but they film her talking about her life and it's very applicable for this blog. They should move to a place with no stairs, I can't handle them but even had to live in apartment up to 2007 with 5 steps down to get in and up to get out. Her husband does seem like he loves her. He seems like a good guy. Fortunately some of us do have husbands who help care for us. My husband helps me on that level but I am still able to cook and clean-somewhat and just rolled out two boxes for thrift on my walker to the car. She has not left home in years, I am housebound a lot but can go out from time to time and still eat at restaurants or visit the library. When I weighed near 700lbs, I could barely fit in cars and even now need handicapped bathrooms. Weight does cause it's own prison. They are honest about what happens, the not being able to go out, the depression, the loneliness and the struggles. No one chooses this. I hope things went better for her. I related to a lot of her life. 

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  1. I really hope to find out what happened to her, but I don't know where to search her information. she is such a nice laddy.