Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kind Medical Professionals

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I am getting some better help now, this includes occupational therapy and I just completed physical therapy and am doing my exercises everyday. They know my sticking to the first bout of physical therapy saved me from having to go on oxygen and being able to keep the mobility I do have. Maybe I will be able to build things up even more. There have been some good health effects like having my blood pressure become more controlled.

They are trying to increase my stamina and help me function. One thing that did happen to change the lay-out, is the medical professionals have realized I have serious swelling issues that far surpass the obesity. They have realized the amount and degree of fluids I am contending with and how strongly it is impacting my life from the fluids on the leg to the extreme fluids in the abdominal area. This has gotten me far more understanding even from my regular doctor.

 The lymph therapy is improving my leg but sometimes I am having to have my leg wrapped 4-5 times a day which I am very thankful to my husband for. I can wrap it now somewhat as a stop gap to keep it from swelling bigger using an ottoman to prop it up on but others can wrap it tighter and better then I can so my husband has been my predominate "wrapper". The occupational therapist has helped me with massages, Kensio tape and other techniques.

It helps to have kind and caring professionals, who are helping me deal with many practical issues of life, this includes my problems with cleaning, and I may be applying to get a house cleaner and see if I can make that work. I put it off for many years but my husband with his health problems is having difficulty keeping things up. Often one is not lazy but just dealing with serious physical issues in trying to keep their place clean. They have told me they know I am trying my best and some have sat down and talked to me about not blaming myself for what has happened to me physically and issues related to depression and health.

It took me years to learn self care, and how to get help, and I am glad I am getting some help on multiple fronts now. They have treated me kindly and with care, and that definitely has been a very good thing.

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