Friday, November 29, 2013

What's Your Excuse?

This made the internet rounds, a very thin woman with a mainstream acceptable body that works in the fitness industry posted this...

It created a firestorm. She looks like one of those genetically thin people. Her Facebook page is public and she eats food like baked french-fries and waffles. I am sure she works out and it's "her job", but to have this attitude that everyone who is fat is "making excuses" is nonsense. Not every body responds to exercise the same way hers does. I have been around thin people enough to know how they live, many are thin due to no expended effort, ie: they aren't hitting the gym everyday. Some actually eat quite regularly while others do not seem as plagued by hunger pain. If you can exercise and do it well, go for it but why slap people around and put them down if they do not or cannot? I do exercises everyday but I don't see any magic results from it except the ability to walk a bit further and stay off oxygen. One thing about a sign like this, is the narcissism, it takes to take a picture of yourself half naked with your three young sons, and then put down others who are not as thin and "fit" as you.

Fitness Mom Lands Herself In Trouble Again

A tumblr website was started called "We Don't Need An Excuse" in response to all this. Some thin women even with chronic health problems responded. Some spoke of "body positive" and "self-love" but then I found myself thinking, everyone is in a competition to "explain" themselves, outside a few posts, where they wrote, "I don't have to care what anyone thinks".

I was thinking about this, how everything in our society is a competition. Women especially are trained to "compare" themselves to others. Comparing bodies, income, looks, if they got to have children, careers, degrees,  etc. It's tiring. I already lost the war myself. No kids, no career, no money and a body that is way beyond the pale.

I have as many books on my bed as the woman above including an autobiography of Mark Twain, but no money for the degree, though I consider myself a "self-study". Ok that said, have you all noticed everyone is chasing this idea of "perfection", that we must all be "the best" and prove to the world we have great wonderful lives? This is a facet of American culture getting way out of control!

 Do I have to have exciting hobbies or be learning to wrestle alligators or get a Phd to prove myself "worthy"? This may sound odd, but remember how I said, "escaping the beauty prison" was a good thing? How about escaping the "competition prison"? Who are we trying to impress?

Is God going to open the door to the pearly gates because you have perfect abs?


  1. It's the sales game, I figure - people in sales are trained to create feelings of inferiority in others by any means possible, in order to create a need that can be fulfilled by the sale. Personal trainer does something salesy...without having even a moment's empathy or perspective.

  2. I think so too, create the feelings of inferiority so they run and buy the "product". She has no empathy that much is sure. Like fat people aren't told enough they aren't no good!

  3. I wouldn't exactly call her extremely thin. Maybe a little on the thin side, but still easily within healthy BMI. She looks very healthy, but yeah maybe a bit narcissistic. Unless someone has actual confirmed serious medical conditions, in theory it's not that hard to get a body like that. You just have to know what your doing. Diet is about 90% of that shit.