Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This Explains The Betrayal of the Bystanders

One thing about human nature I've noticed is how many of the wicked do gain power and hold it so entrenched. For many cowards surrounding them serve as support columns. As I have written about on my many articles regarding my own experiences with narcissism, I always wondered how my mother especially was able to influence so many people and turn them against me?

So many years of people not liking me if my mother happened to know them! [Thank God, I was smart enough by age 21, to know inside that living in other towns away from any relatives was imperative!] I remember even family friends seeming to share distaste for me such as the family that lived next door to us and later their daughter even named her daughter after my sister. Such weirdness abounded. Her brother decided he was "in love" with my sister while ignoring me. The golden child was a star among them too!  Hey my mother was directing their likes and dislikes pretty immediately.

The more I have observed human dynamics, it seems so many like this rule by fear, I have seen it in jobs, seen it in dysfunctional groups and other places. Often here a good leader makes the difference between whether or not a narcissist or sociopath rules, and any organization there can be huge differences if this sort of thing is allowed. I went no contact 6 months ago, and so few dared to break ranks. That told me a lot about what I needed to know. This told me they lacked integrity. There's a few relatives I may have contact with, but there's many I won't be able to.

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