Friday, November 22, 2013

No More Fat Shaming

Smile, Sizeist!

I found this tumblr website where they call out fat abusers and post their pictures. Some of the stories are pretty intense such as when a woman gets jumped on a train, just for minding her own business while being fat. There's one of frat boys laughing at fat people and this one mean woman who insulted a fat woman on a subway train. I know this stuff happens, I have lived in smaller places where I have become part of the scenery so haven't faced public fat shaming in years outside of more subtle looks, and eyebrow raises but I'm glad these fat people are standing up for themselves.

There is a lot of online fat shaming out there. One reason I do not post pictures of myself on this blog is I do not want to see a picture of me or my body and some nasty caption put under it. The web is full of very fat women, the famous one where the lady sitting down with part of her stomach showing dressed in pink is webwide and recycled everywhere. I have this problem with my stomach too, and feel for that lady. It's one reason I only wear dresses that go down below the mid-calf length.  It is true it is open season on fat people, the one medical and other problem none of the politically correct crowd even seemed to care about.

Some men never seem to grow out of their "no fat chicks" high school obsession. Some seem to stupidly think being fat is a "choice". Well as people grow fatter and sicker they can blather on claiming everyone can lose weight. Misogyny and fat hatred married together in one poisonous stew.

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