Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sinead O'Connor

I've been going down old music highway. Sinead O'Connor had the most beautiful voice of any singer I ever went to see, and I saw her in concert in 1990. I don't agree with all her viewpoints though she was right to warn about the Pope especially given what was exposed ten years later in 2002. Her songs live on in my memory. This was one of my favorites.

  "Well, you tell us that we're wrong
And you tell us not to sing our song
Nothing we can say will make you see
You got a heart of stone, you can never feel
You say, "Oh, I'm not afraid, it can't happen to me
I've lived my life as a good man
 Oh, no you're out of your mind It won't happen to me"
'Cause I've carried my weight
And I've been a strong man
Listen to the man in the liquor store
Yelling, "Anybody want a drink before the war?"
And your parents paid you through
 You got a nice big car, nothing bothers you
Somebody cut out your eyes, you refuse to see
 Somebody cut out your heart, you refuse to feel
And you live in a shell
You create your own hell
You live in the past
And talk about war
And you dig your own grave, yeah
 But it's a life you can save
So stop getting fussed
 It's not gonna happen
And you'll cry But you'll never fall, no, no, no
 You're building a wall
 Gotta break it down, start again
No, no, no It won't happen to us
We've lived our lives
Basically we've been good men
So stop talking of war 'Cause you know we've heard it all before
Why don't you go out there And do something useful
Oh, listen to the man in the liquor store
He yelling, "Anybody wanna drink before the war?"
"Anybody wanna drink before the war?"
"Anybody wanna drink before the war?"
From MetroLyrics.

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