Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seeing A Nutritonist Soon

I'm seeing a nutritionist this week.  Actually I need a tripled food budget more then I need a nutritionist but I am having problems with food and when you are short on 4-5 vitamins in your body maybe some changes need to be made.  I put myself on a multi-vitamin recently and maybe some other things can be tweaked. Sometimes I wish I could just go without eating and say forget it, but I know hunger pain will keep knocking on my door. You know you got problems if you are 500lbs and your doctors have a diagnosis of mal-nutrition on your records. Supposely us big fat people are over-nourished. That's not necessarily true. For whatever reason my body is reacting to food like I am being starved in a prison camp or something outside the storage of fat. I plan to tell the nutritionist I think there are some leaky gut issues or something insidious going on.

I find the idea that I can eat "special" and start dropping pounds at this point in my life to be absolutely laughable. A lot of food is making me ill lately and this seems to be getting worse and I'm not losing anything, well as far as I know back to a month or two ago the last time I was weighed. The kidney stones are kept away via meds but feelings of nausea, and bowel pain come and go all the time.

 My digestion went off the rails for two weeks, and now is still touchy. What did I do? I ate one processed food item. I am tired, I don't want to spend every minute cooking. A lot of food seems gross to me. Why do they pour cheese on everything? As I went down the frozen food aisle looking for things to eat, everything even the 'health' food stuff has cheese in it. I can eat yogurt and lactose free dairy, but it's insane. I may say to the nutritionist, tell me what I should be eating, and will kill the hunger pain or keep it away and what I can get on this little bit of money.

I've since learned that lipdema can cause food and disgestive issues. I need to research further on this. Some people say you should go on the RAD diet. I figured out I eat close to a RAD diet already to keep from getting ill, though it's not perfect, keep my multiple food allergies in mind.

I plan to make a salad for dinner with chicken salad on it and cut up tomatoes. I may add a fresh peach and couple tablespoons of Greek Yogurt.  Right now I don't feel like eating anything but that is the plan if some hunger pain comes.  It worries me how I am eating and how it is panning out in my body.

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