Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Soup I Like

I like this soup a lot, What is in it? I found the recipe on line but can't remember where but changed it. I do make up recipes. Maybe cooking is not a good hobby for a 500lb woman, but I do eat far better and do better if I am not eating out, or eating processed stuff. For this soup, I cut up a bunch of fresh mint, cook it with chopped up tomatoes--get good ones, salt and pepper and then add chicken broth, cut up FRESH parsley and some shots of Tabasco sauce. One can add cut up chicken. Add some orzo as you simmer it too if you like and then add a shot of squeezed lemon to it. It actually tastes pretty good even though it is so simple. The picture above is one of my batches.


  1. Peep, What kind of tomatoes are you using? You said "good ones" but I'm not sure what kind you mean: I'm limited here especially in the (endless) winters, but in the summer I can hit the Farmer's Markets. It looks like you're using cherry tomatoes-I'm not sure? Also, have you ever tried this with stock instead of broth? I find stock much richer in terms of flavor if I'm using a boxed-type (if I'm not using my own from scratch.)
    Sounds and looks really good as well as versatile. I live on soups during the winters particularly, especially cream of vegetable-type soups. Frozen vegetables never cut it for me even in the winter unless I'm desperate and even then, not for cream-based soups. Fruit and vegetables are very expensive here as everything is trucked in/long distance outside of summer and the Farmer's Markets.

  2. I try to get heirlhooms when I can get them. These were made with different variety of cherry tomatoes. I have some Roma tomatoes now but think a mixture of tomatoes helps with the flavor. I hit the farmers markets too and use all kinds. I usually use Better then Boullion but it's off the store shelves for some reason. The canned stuff seems to get expensive for me. I love soups and make a lot of them. I can get away with some creamed ones if they are simmered or boiled to kill the lactose. I don't like frozen or canned veggies as much. A can of green beans doesn't do it for me like the real thing or canned tomatoes even except recipe with tomato paste or scauce. Yes it seems fruits and veggies would be expensive there. I live in an area that grows a lot so we are fortunate here.