Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bad Fatties/Good Fatties

I think these people overall meant well making this chart, but sometimes "speech rules" always rub me the wrong way. Why wouldn't some of us defend ourselves and tell the TRUE STORY of HOW WE GOT FAT? If anything we need less shame and blame and some truth telling rather then some political correct types telling us to keep our mouths shut.

12 Good Fatty Archetypes

I know #3 fits my blog with it's extreme, sordid tales of a 400lb weight gain, lipedema, PCOS and hypothyroidism.

Obviously with those final questions, they follow political the ethos of "privilege" which has been warned about on this blog. Do I gain privilege being a "no-fault" fatty? Well it's not like I wear a sign on my head or wear a shirt saying "Im a LIPPY, leave me alone!"

If anything fat people like me should be screaming from the rooftops, because I am sure there are poor fat women who are deceased years ahead of time for having ignored medical conditions. So I am not going to shut up to be politically "correct" for some fat activist's Harrison Bergeron dream. In my case, I believe obesity is physiologically caused in the majority of cases and have sympathy even for the rare psychological eating disorder case wondering what abuse they went through.

The fat unicorns definitely exist, why mock them? I see people all the time who are fat and eat the same or better then thin ones. Here we have issues of metabolism that are ignored.

By the way I started sleeping 13 hours a day again, and noticed my TSH was jacked up, oh and I gained a little bit of weight too on less food and more exercise and REDUCED LEGS. Which absolutely petrifies me but my eyes-balls are drying out half the time which to me screams THYROID. The doctor gave me more thyroid medicine. Everyone tells me they never have met anyone who needs 500 mcgs of Synthroid. I have to ask another doctor if we can try Armour, two have turned me down.

Fat people are assumed to be BAD by the world. I don't see anything wrong with claiming a bit of goodness and truth telling. We didn't choose these bodies, and I think it's okay to let the world well know it. No more silence people! Don't serve the diet industry inversely. 

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  1. Hi, I just found your blog via the comments you wrote on that article. I am new to the whole size acceptance world ( I live in a behind the times part of the UK, fat activism hasn't taken off here) and I am finding it has a whole language/ way of thinking that I sometimes can't get my head around! For instance, I know that one of the reasons I am fat is because I have PCOS, and I am sadly a severe case ( I was asked to be the model for various medical text books because of this......) So I can't see how I am disrespecting other fat people from mentioning this, but at the same time I see their point that we are all still fat and that's a reality independent of how we arrived there sometimes makes my brain hurt! Although I did enjoy the paseo dinosaur and the gluten free kale chips :)