Saturday, February 18, 2017

Robert Irwin

Wow he is just like his dad. It would be great if he has inherited his father's love of animals and continues work in the same field.


  1. HI, I WANTA WRITE A BLOG ENTRY"why were my parent so crazy?"and then describe, my parents and their background; like my dad was a preacher's kid, from back East, who was born in China, because his parents were missionaries. So how in hell's name did my dad wind up so abusive and crazy out of his mind? I mean, his dad was a German reformed Lutheran minister missionary to China! He was supposed to be really great! You now upper-class, upper-middle-class religious people! So how come my dad turned out so bad? That is what I want us to write about; our parents and their background, as much as we can and then asked the question, "how come our parents were so crazy? Where did it come from?" I need to find out just exactly how they got that way. I really want to know! What do you think? Let me know here or on my blog, or you can e-mail me! Thanks – – also, you may be able to get your telephone back on again soon, wink wink. – – Love Dorothy

    1. I can help you with that. I think studying up on missionaries in China would be interesting, he was taken out of his own country and probably neglected. one see those huge families taken overseas, I do not agree with it. I know of some guy related to the Duggars who took his 10 kids to Zambia, it's not fair to them. There are a lot of religious narcs too, wearing the false piety and good works galore too, of course their children are left behind. I will email you soon, my phone did get turned back on thank goodness. :)