Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump The Reality TV Star President.

He's still acting.

And now he's acting in his "job" as president.

We went to protest again they are having weekly ones. This time I carried a sign that said "Preserve Social Security and Medicare", "No to Block Grants" and "No to Tom Price".

My husband carried a sign that said, and I had drawn a big red circle written Goldman Sachs in the middle of it, and crossed it out. I made that sign too. Most people and truckers on the busy road in the middle of my small town, are honking in favor of our protesting. I get the feeling even many Republicans are regretting the vote for this guy. Look I am against the TPP and NAFTA and don't mind immigration being curtailed for the sake of more jobs for Americans, and Trump scares me.

People thought we were going to get a populist--the ones who voted for him, and now they know it's Republican business as usual, giving the millionaires and billionaires all the breaks. Disappointment rules across the land except for the most rich.

The left's abandonment of the working class and the poor put us in this place, so don't think I am making excuses for them too. Trump is acting so extremely, it's not real, it is just more "reality TV" acting. They want to put Pence or someone else in.

Some people shrug their shoulders and ignore the whole psycho-show, I wish I could, there's too many of them passing laws to put too many of us under the underpass. Trump is the "actor" in place to make it all happen.


  1. He looks like a baboon with a bad hair cut.

    1. All those billions and he can't even get a make-over or a decent hair cut. He doesn't have to look like a male model, but sheesh. Maybe the bad clothes and hair is part of the game.

  2. I'm sorry to hear the rich are getting all the breaks. We once had that here, in the 90's where we couldn't even get subsidized housing and be on welfare at the same time, it was called "double dipping". Welfare wouldn't even cover the rent on market housing. It was silly. And people had to work long hours for the welfare check. This reminds me of the same thing, and that president even looks the same as the other guy did.

    And now, over here, there may be a bill that will be passed on Thursday, against "Islamophobia". Whatever that means. I might never leave the house again, I'm always a target, people put words in my mouth, I don't feel safe anymore.

    1. Maybe Canada isn't perfect. I wonder if I would get locked up for saying things I believe about Islam. It is funny how the left ignores how women are hurt by Sharia law. I used to have to visit hardcore Muslim households in Chicago, it was weird, very subservient women. I felt creeped out. I was doing home visits. I don't believe all cultures are compatible. People in America don't understand the wide range in Muslim nations between liberals, moderates and the fundamentalists, they write off everyone so that is wrong too. I don't believe in hate crime speech laws.

      That's crazy that people on welfare could not get subsidized housing. Well they do things here like cutting housing allowances and pushing fantasies that one should be able to get an apartment for 400 a month. Here you have to be disabled or working for welfare. If working there is a time limit so if you are stuck in a low wage job, no more welfare for you after a certain point. The churches seem to be feeding everyone around here. I benefit from their charity, but the lines seem a bit longer then they used to.