Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spilled Water on my computer

Anyone know how to replace a Dell Inspiron laptop keyboard? My back up Vista laptop cable frayed and I needed to replace that so I am on the Dell computer with a USB keyboard hooked in, it's not comfortable typing this way. I drank some water and choked, something that easily happens to me and sprayed water on the keyboard part. What is weird is I dried it off in a hurry and thought no water had gone in since it was a spray and not a flood, and I was able to type normally for half an hour before the key's went funny. Some have been sticking already and are worn out. This computer I think is around 7 years old. Any advice I am welcome to it. I am broke right now so the major repair will have to be beginning of next month. My husband said to me, "Well you found a way around, it at least!" Life for me is living like MacGvyer with duct tape.

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