Sunday, February 12, 2017

Taking the Bus and Trying to Fix Things

I've been taking the Dial a Ride more and more, maybe once a week during warmer times now, to usually go the library or a disability meeting. There's a movie at the disability center in a couple weeks I am hoping to attend. It has helped my independence more. I do need some daily activities from time to time. I still struggle with fatigue and when I do things, my body still bloats up forcing me into bed but it is better to do things and rest then do nothing at all. The drivers talked me into using the lift on my walker, its easier then trying to get myself up the bus stairs and making the drivers put the walker on the bus. I thought I weighed too much and would break the lifts but they said it would be okay and it has. I am under the weight limits.

 I did help husband vacuum our old car yesterday, he washed it, I like doing the washing part, which is kind of funny to do on a walker, but he told me he wanted to keep my hearing aids in and he will do the washing part. Our winter has been very strange. My mind is changing about Global Warming. Something is up when our February has been more like April and will it be 130 degrees by the time June gets here?  I was willing to take my hearing aids out but he knows I am too deaf to hear him then. Wearing hearing aids can stink in the fact, that you do have to worry about rain and getting them wet. I never used umbrellas before and didn't mind being rained on. I hate umbrellas and they are made for skinny people.

I told him, when we go to this one grocery store, I am going to try and walk it instead of using a scooter, I was able to do it one day. I have to walk Aldis, so why not that one too? Walmart is still too big but at least I can walk more. One thing my balance is still bad, I almost tripped in the dining room yesterday not using a walker or cane, and almost fell over but was able to catch myself. I had a glass of water in my hand and some of it went flying across the floor. I think yesterday had a theme to it as later in the day I choked and sprayed water on my computer, and this morning I figured out my CPAP tube is loose and the connector is missing some membrane which probably explains a few high blood sugars. I figured out long ago, if I don't have a perfect CPAP fit and air coming in, the blood sugar is very connected to treatment of sleep apnea. I knew this tube came apart in the middle of the night, I slapped it half back together and then forgot about it. At least there I have new supplies.

However so much of life is trying to fix things and I am not good at it. I try to look up how to do things on youtube, but complex mechanics escapes me. I've still been housebound on some days but glad it has been warmer. I need to find some good paint, and when I went to Michael's art supply almost passed out seeing the prices. I think my mind gets stuck in many years ago thinking on what prices should be. Wages stay low while prices shoot up. I will have to look at ebay. I could get a lot more done with more money.  I'm painting this butterfly painting now but need to get some medium gel for it, and add more details to it. Sometimes I have fantasies about all the things I could get done with money to get them done. It seems like there are constant barriers. I even worry about keeping all these computers going. I seem to be better at inner software repairs on my own then dealing with hardware issues.

I'm planning to go back and protest Tuesday, if it is warm enough.  I have to make new signs though my cartoon one survived. I had a local Move On take pictures of me. I don't support George Soros and pals. This is like my war protesting, I had people I didn't necessarily agree with on all issues, to protest with them. I even agree with Trump on a few things like immigration and doing away with TPP and NAFTA but that's not enough to support a lot of really really bad stuff. There are nasty big picture aspects of Trump with the push to privatize everything for the mega-corporations and the cutting away of more freedoms. The awake see the crawling reality of fascism they all have been working on. This is Bush on steroids.

I was outraged by what they did to immigrants mid-flight and thought why didn't they give a day in advance, that's someone trying to make people suffer and it's horrible.  Even the immigration stuff has been taken to the extreme. I would warn immigrants don't come to this madhouse, some of us wish we could leave.  Tom Price is scary and so is the guy he picked for Labor Secretary who is against minimum wage. The last thing this country needs now is cruel Republicans, who will make life even harder. Americans are losing hope. Life is too much of a grind here. Some screens and distractions isn't enough to make up for it all either.

So I am still trying to get stuff done and hauling this body around at the same time.

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