Monday, April 3, 2017

Ayn Rand: The Gospel of Selfishness

During my 20s, I read her books, most young people of some intellectual bent do, thankfully the books did not rot my brain and I kept asking myself one question, "How come there are no children, old people or disabled people in her books?" Everyone was young, strong and in control.

 I read Liberty magazine, a blue covered magazine exploring culture by libertarian edicts. Some of what libertarians have to say about civil liberties is good, but those got unloaded quick in the so called alt-right. Do you think Trump and Paul Ryan want to reduce the police state or care about vetoing a law where they now want to allow megacorporations to buy your browsing history? Ayn Rand was like a pissed off beatnik who got it in her mind to worship "free love", "theosophy" and glorify capitalism to greater heights then ever before. There's a reason today's right wing worships the bankers. Ayn Rand with her "Creators" gospel started all this nonsense, where the uber rich were to be honored and glorified. She is like transcendentalism for hard core capitalists. She basically made a "religion" out of greed and added a bunch of philosophical mumbo-jumbo and Nietzsche "super-man" yearnings.

From what I have seen of the Libertarian community now, the point of Social Darwinism runs the whole show, if you weaken, your fate should be death. Libertarianism is not a philosophy that works for the disabled. One ironic thing is Rose Wilder Lane espoused the philosophies of libertarianism, if you know what to look for. The influence is in  the Little House books.  Back then in a more agricultural society, there were facets of the "self reliance" at all costs philosophy that had it's attractiveness. The idea that every man for himself can work now in a megacorporate society where social ties have been cut down to nothing, when small business, land ownership and capital is limited among average folks, is insanity.

Big government or Big Bankers in charge? Ayn Rand was for the big banker "creators" and now in the world of third way politics, where one owns the other, what is the difference anymore?

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