Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Fat Virus

Fat-haters hate science too, so ignore the comments below this one on youtube. I wrote about this theory years ago. This is definitely a video to check out. Obesity is like epilepsy was years ago when they deemed people who had it as all being possessed. I believe that there will be more scientific vindication for obese people as time passes and not just for people who have disorders like Lipedema or Prader-Willi. No one wants to be severely obese.


  1. Thanks for the video. Though i am afraid of how a hostile and fascist society might treat proof of a fat virus!!lol especially this xtra dumb one which probably won't get its ppl with colds that spread it, not fat ppl who had the cold once in their life. I must commend this doctor. He is trying to do something few seem willing to. Just that he would have the mind to entertain the idea fat (on those chickens) might be something not solely individual control...that should be a bare minimum for engaging in weight science instead of the fringe exception. The old guard doc wanting 'effective' things studied should go ahead and smack himself because nothing useful has come out of weight science for decades aside from the obvious total failure of cico. Bigotry is always in our sciences and it always limits it.

    I was so mad that it took him so long to get his virus research funded. How many cico dead end studies were done in the time he spent sending out proposals?! So many of those are like, what if they don't eat with a fox. What if they don't eat in a box. What if they don't eat in spain. What if they don't eat in the rain.

    1. I am glad he is still fighting the fight, and yes the CICO stuff since they profit it all so much refuses to budge like those brainwashed "Fat Logic" people who want to play superior over fat people. I watched a 600lb life, some time ago where the surgery totally failed and I thought the thought why get WLS if it fails like a diet? Yeah bigotry is destroying weight science. I am sure thousands of cico dead end studies got funded.