Saturday, April 29, 2017


 Our local protests have kept going. One staffer of the local Congressman's office, where a lot of the protests are held, asked since Trump's 100 days are up, if that means the protests are finished yet? The response is NO. We have the Democratic protesters and independents like me still out there. I made this sign the week, the trouble with Syria was getting started. Syria is on the Plan for the New American Century list with Iran next. It does seem like the anti-war movement is long dead. I saw a few independent protesters with "no to war" signs that week but far fewer then I expected. Sometimes you do ask yourself if protesting has any effect. I still believe it is better to speak out then not though. Trump the other day said, he thought being president would be "easier". He probably just thought he would get to parade around and get his picture taken while going to a few meetings and no actual "work" would be involved. That's a narcissist for you. Maybe he will quit, but then we would be stuck with Pence. You can tell he hates the actual job.

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