Monday, April 3, 2017

Malignant Narcissism on My 600lb Life?

If you want to see possible NPD/sociopathy in full swing, take a look at the recent My 600lb life show with Steven Assanti and his brother Justin. They never have put up such a dysfunctional family on that show. I wonder about them going to the bottle of the barrel to find the worse fat people to make all super-fat people look bad. The show has gone from "inspiration" which I never bought into the wonders of WLS solving all problems to "side show horrors". Could there be an agenda with showing severely fat people who are like this? In Steven's case, why did they choose such a mentally ill/dark soul? This guy is like a one man advertisement for societal rejection and cutting off of the severely obese. He acts like one of those crazy "mind control" people that conspiracy websites are always warning about.

I even saw a petition for Steven Assanti to have all medical care shut off, due to his abuse of nurses and refusal to take any responsibility for his health. This is a show that definitely will INCREASE the hatred of fat people especially supersized people. In many ways I wish I didn't watch it. It was triggering and now I am watching it like a train-wreck kind of like Whitney Thore, to warn about it to others on this blog. I am NOT a supporter. As they fatten us up, and people become more severely obese, poster children for hatred of the obese are now becoming common on our media.

Steven Assanti makes sick. Spiritually, he looks completely seared. Considering my condition I am usually empathetic towards those who share conditions like my own but this guy made me want to puke. Some in the crucible of severe childhood abuse, do become like their abusers or choose evil. The show seems to show some evidence for drug abuse too. I know this show is destroying reputations of superfat people and how people will blame us all for our condition. To be frank,Steven Assanti with his high pitched voice, and other signs made me wonder if he has a chromosomal condition such as Klinefelter's or something. That condition doesn't explain or justify the severe malignant narcissism, everyone saw displayed before us on our TV sets. 

 I'm not the type to think people should be shut away from society but I kept wondering of him, why isn't he in a mental institution of some type or a group home getting some HELP or at least protecting the rest of society? The father is part of the problem too. I made the mistake of looking up his name online and his mental condition and his inability for empathy and immaturity are EXTREME.

I don't want to give this guy anymore attention but if you search for "fatboygetdown" on Youtube, you can see his old videos. It's a link I do not want any track backs from. He is seriously ill and [evil], beyond the weight. When I was watching the show on My 600lb life, I immediately thought narcissistic sociopath though a more blatant less cunning one that doesn't do a very good job of covering up to fool people. He was put in the news for being thrown out of the hospital for ordering pizzas and was on the "Dr Phil's" house years and years ago, where he didn't get along with anyone.

Justin the brother, needs to go no contact with his family to have any hope. I think he could have a chance to gain a better life in learning some social skills and seeing possibilities beyond his upbringing. I saw his youtube channel too. He posted a news story about his brother. Hopefully he can get his own weight under control as well.


  1. What a nightmare! For once in my life I am out of smart Alec comments!

  2. Hello Peep,

    Thanks for this post, I was watched that guy and thought he was mentally ill. He is just awful. I think they do need to address his mental health before anything else.
    I am thinking they are aiming for ratings these days, pulling out the oddest most dramatic folks. I usually have such empathy for the folks featured, but this time it was pure disdain!


    1. Hi CLP, I think the guy needs some serious mental treatment too though curing malignant narcissism, is not doable so my hope is not high for him at all. Some people online wrote wondering aloud if the Dad was giving into all his food demands, hoping he would die soon as a result. It troubles me there is NO place for someone like this to go but his Dad's house especially since he has such severe problems. He's not all there, that's for sure. Yeah I had disdain too. The brother still has a soul left but it's been impacted by the evil people around him. He seemed afraid of the brother, even with the Steven being immobile, so I wondered what happened to him.

  3. I wondered if it might be Foetal Alcohol Syndrome but with all the vids up on youtube he seems perfectly able to plan and manipulate - rather than the compulsive behaviour you see with FAS.

    1. Agree his ability to plan and manipulate seems higher then their's and his IQ too...I think they should test for Prader Willi on both of them pronto. I was surprised to see the mother is very thin too along [saw a video where she came to celebrate his birthday] and the father is plump but still around average weight land. Prader Willi could account for his oddly shaped mouth and face--FAS looks different, and food compulsions and probably low metabolism to go with it. I think some Prader Willi people can be near normal in intelligence but not sure on that. Both of the brothers need tested. His extreme OCD, PIZZA only or else, fits into some of the criteria for Prader Willi. He does seem severely developmentally disabled too, the immaturity points to major problems. {Hey us Aspies are not normal, I can cloak, but when the Aspergers has shown itself full force, it's not easy} He may have a "normal" IQ to plot and plan AND be a NPD AND have Prader Willi.

      "There are many characteristics of PWS which makes this syndrome unique and which contribute to behaviours that you may not find elsewhere. Specifically there are several "PWS" behaviours:

      Food-seeking (including stealing, taking money to buy food, taking food from others, and eating indiscriminately)
      Temper outbursts (particularly around food, but also around other things)
      Skin-picking (there is a tendency to a high threshold of pain, but skin-picking also portrays anxiety, boredom, loss of self-esteem, nervousness, and develops into a habit)
      High pain threshold
      Temperature dysfunction (often can't tell the difference between hot and cold, and can dress inappropriately for hot or cold days)
      Obsessive compulsive behaviours
      Tenuous emotional control

      His videos on Youtube almost show all of the above.

    2. I'd bet money on it not being PWS. Working at the hospital I have met a textbook example of the syndrome. We could argue about what counts as below average intelligence but there's one thing in PWS that always checks - it's INABILITY to stop eating and loosing weight. It's quite literally physically impossible, given the horrible metabolism and lack of muscle. Steven has lost weight when he needed and he did it on his own.

  4. Steven appears to show characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder. Frequent mood lability, Inappropriate, intense anger or problems controlling anger; A pattern of intense and unstable relationships with family, friends, and loved ones, often swinging from extreme closeness and love (idealization) to extreme dislike or anger (devaluation), etc. That is just my opinion.

    1. Interesting. He definitely is more on the volatile borderline wing. The plotting cold ones like my mother aren't discerned so easily. A lot got fed up fast with Steven even around him. Still wish they'd make sure it's not Prader Willi.