Saturday, April 29, 2017

My Husband Wrote a Poem About Our Meeting

Today is the 23rd anniversary of our meeting for the first time. We are happily making some plans for our 19th wedding anniversary which will be next week on the 9th. We have had a lot of fun this month going to zine conferences, a local mini comic con and a poetry event.He read this poem at a poetry event yesterday. True love did change my life and has kept me going this long. You will note the poem mentions our mutual misfortunes with single-ad dating...

So here's the poem:

Accidents Will Happen

"Accidents will Happen
but only hit and run
You used to be victim
now you're not the only one."

...I took refuge in those lines courtesy
of Mr. Elvis Costello,summer 79
Everytime I loaded my bat

and struck out dead  with the opposite sex
and only years later did it occur to me...

Had I owned in this order
A Trans-Am, a class ring, the right social connections
and a varsity letter sweater....

My chances of scoring with the odd blonde or two
would have been so much better.

I looked forward to college and the promise of starting over
A page in life's little small town yearbook
but sad to say, the big picture

Didn't change for the better:
everybody I knew was either already attached
unattached and in no mood to start over,
semi-attached or hooking up

For the couch tour of convenience: one night only
no strings attached.

I let the rules of attraction slide for awhile, although
from time to time
I'd give those personal ads 

A try: Man talk about rolling me some snake eyes!
A couple times I dated a woman who always talked 
about how well she did.

By her "product" but I never knew what that meant
until some friends of mine cornered me one night
and said, "Don't you know who that is? They call her
"The Divine Mrs. Heroin"

That bomb dropped after date number three
funnily enough
We haven't been in touch

Since then looking back
on this parade of craps
that we threw, my wife and I
can laugh about it now

....because she almost didn't show up on our first date
...she'd thrown a few craps 
too many herself
but some gut instinct 
whispered, "Stick it out--
one more time."

I showed up late 
due to some event or other
I had to cover
So I called her from a truck stop 
in ******
I don't remember
Anyhow, from the first minute 
we the fuse on a dynamite stick

Now, whether we'd go it alone
through the dating gauntlet 
again to find
our one and only we don't know

...but on this much, we agree 
everything ran so much 
better when we stopped
trying to stack the dice
in some predetermined order

This much I can testify 
20 years later:
Accidents will happen
.....but I like how this particular hit and run
worked out for the both of us.


  1. Your husband was a poet and didn't know it, until he met you........Congratulations!

  2. Happy Meet-iversary! And hurrah for true love! Nice poem Mr. Peep! :)