Thursday, August 31, 2017

Boogie's Recovery From Weight Loss Surgery

Hopefully, he will lose weight. I think he got the "sleeve" surgery, that is worrisome because there is no take-down from that one. He complains about nausea, feeling tired and weak. One question I had when I explored weight loss surgery years ago, was "What will they do about low blood sugar?"  If I "forget" to eat or a meal time is delayed even in pre-diabetic times, I got so sick. It made dieting harder then hell. Boogie concerns me because his symptoms of sleeping all day, and lethargy sounds like he is not getting enough nutrition to keep his brain humming properly. In my case, this has been a problem with the severe insulin resistance and nutritional problems. There are effects even if I don't eat enough vegetables and fruits for a day.

Illness in my case, did reduce my eating massively a few times, so I know what he means when he talks about being so cold. It has always troubled me all these years that the best they can come up with is weight loss surgery, and it is purposefully making someone sick, so they can lose weight. When I lost good digestion over the dozens of kidney stones in 2013 and spent days throwing up, sometimes 2-3 days dry heaving, because I could not eat at all, I knew then I never wanted weight loss surgery.  Decades of IBS which I got in control two or three years ago from avoiding all GMO and certain kind of foods, also gave me enough stomach cramps and hell-bound moments on the toilet.

I'd rather die then go through the digestion checking out. There's a point where a person has had enough pain and suffering in their life. That was the decision I made about weight loss surgery. It's also the decision I've made about dieting. Enough involuntary food reduction and eating according to hunger and sugars is all I can do now. This month we got a little more money and I was able to get some of my sugars down to the 110s and 100s. Eat too late after 9, I can still hit a 130, but my eating has to be so controlled for diabetes as it is.

Boogie had the right to make his decision to take a spin of that wheel, but I still am troubled by what they consider the main treatment for fat. To me the fact that the surgery focuses on the stomach is based on bigotry and "what they think makes people fat". Yes this is a Faustian bargain, there's been times when I have wondered if I should have taken that spin of the roulette wheel, but with my respiratory disorders and Lipedema, it would have not have been good. Nutritionally I barely can keep enough vitamins in me now and go anemic.

One odd phenomenon that has happened to me lately is why I lost a teeny amount of weight on the scale, none of my clothes fit on top, it's a major problem, but I believe Lipedema and lipo-lymphedema is keeping tons of weight on my bottom. My clothes keep falling off me on top. I even found myself sewing one dress to close the neckhole, and it turned out okay but wasn't very professional. Wearing too loose clothes is annoying. So there's been weight loss on me that isn't showing so much on the scale.

I hope Boogie loses a lot of weight and has a good outcome with his weight loss surgery and some of the symptoms get under control. It does sound concerning.

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