Saturday, August 12, 2017

Is Sinead O' Connor Now Homeless?

What happened to all her money? I find myself wondering if her abusive family or abusive agents have grabbed control of her finances using her mental illness to do so. I doubt someone who ripped up the Pope's picture, and who warned rightly about sexual abuse with the Vatican, would be cutting much of a break from Catholic dominant Irish courtrooms. It is sad and pathetic that someone of this much fame, would be left to fester alone in a hotel room.  It shocks me there isn't one fan, helping her out to keep her off the streets. There's no social worker out there who can't help get her into an apartment or to find placement for her or anything? Something is really wrong with this picture.

As I have written on here before I believe Sinead O'Connor has been punished for daring to diss the Pope on live TV for decades and is also the scapegoat in her family. She may have serious bipolar or personality disorder issues, I don't know, but I believe her abuse in her case made her mentally ill. Some know the toll the entertainment world takes on many with their deep dark evils. She probably had many hanger-ons and false friends at the peak of fame who simply dumped her and walked away as she aged. Many mentally ill people are abandoned by their families. I wonder if some took her money and ran with it. I never knew of Sinead O Connor taking hard drugs or living high on the hog to have gone through her multimillions so where is her money?

Here's some of the latest:

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  1. This is typical to be thought of as bipolar, when it is actually PTSD.
    This is why survivors must stand united, to bring awareness to the problem of child abuse, so that the damning psychological "labels" (i.e. gaslighting) are not bandied about, especially publicly.
    And by the way, I so look forward to your zines and cartoons!

    1. I believe she has C-PTSD up the whazoo and the family is still abusing her. The day to day abuse of being "less than" and "rejected" is taking the toll on her. Obviously they do not care and I still think they have seized her money somehow. I agree about survivors standing united. Thanks regarding the zines. :)