Thursday, August 31, 2017

Nazis, Trump and the Alt-Right

Trump had no problem shilly-shalling about Nazis. It took him two days to revise his statement as outrage grew. Why do people still support the sociopathic Cheeto? Are they that brainwashed? It's Obama's fault right? Something has really changed in America for the worse. One can tell who listens to right wing radio, and Fox news, they defended Trump when it came to Charlottesville. Even on Facebook, I had a conservative friend complaining about Antifa, ever heard of agent provocateurs? Of course many of them believe anyone who protests or stands against the system is a "violent terrorist." They will cheer one day for all protesting and free speech to be outlawed.

They had no qualms at putting themselves on the side of the pointy hood set. It looks like it didn't escape some people's attention that a bunch of racists doing a torchlight parade should have flunked history class. What do these people want? The same formula is being used today which was used in the post Civil War South, get the poor whites to rally against the blacks [add in other groups for today], and they will submit to the uber-wealthy. Jim Crow kept the plantation owners in power. It's a dog kick the underdog world. The name of the game is divide and conquer and the idiots are all falling for it.  So now when poor whites ask where all the jobs have gone? Instead of questioning an economic system where technology has erased jobs, globalism and the uber wealthy who have suppressed wages and hogged all the wealth for themselves, they follow the "blame the other races" script. It's been used time and time again. The powers that be use race so no one looks at class.

 This is why we have Republicans now who are by default are defending the Neo-Nazis, skin-heads, and white power people who have crawled out of their mother's basements, and from under rocks. Pepe the Frog people marching alongside Hitler worshipers. On Facebook all my ex-church friends still love Trump. My disgust has grown. I am still protesting myself. If you still support Trump after all this, WHY?

A Skeleton Key to the Alt-Right

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