Sunday, August 27, 2017

Still Working on the Zines

Some reason I've been writing less here, is I have been writing for the zines I hope to put out, this will include text with the comics I've been working on forever. I work slow on things but hopefully when I do finally get these zines together, they will be enjoyed.

Here is a scene some of you may remember from this blog. All names of the "guilty" have been changed.

The deceased trucker's family members came out to say hello, from neighboring trailers and Midge with a furrowed brow sunk inside the car. “Ignore them”, she said. Maybelline came to the door giving a shell-shocked wary smile to the Spyder family. “Hi-ya!” The trailer was in horrible shape and had become a possible site for the future show Hoarders, with piles of trash piled up. Bottles, piles of dirt, rags and newspapers laid scattered all over the floor.  Obviously her grief and new loneliness had pushed Peep's aunt over a new edge. Peep walked gingerly in behind my father and her mother was there too.  The two adult Spyders yelled at her, "What in the hell happened here?". She didn't respond.

Maybelline then laughed and said, "I made youse lunch!, it's in the oven!" Mr Spyder handed Peep an oven mitt, and said "Go see what roadkill she made for us!", Peep was scared but went over to the oven, and opened it, and in it was a ROTTEN PIG'S HEAD! It had been cooked, but was at least 3-4 days old and left unattended. It's eyes bugged out, it's ears flopped. Flies poured out of the oven. "It's still good!" Peep's aunt cried. Peep in horror, this was worse then the baby pigs, literally swooned across the table and almost passed out. Mr. Spyder yelled at her, "What in the hell is your problem?" but took a few steps closer and looked into the oven.

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