Thursday, August 3, 2017

Boogie On Why People Get Fat

He believes in CICO and "the dream" of being thin, I no longer do. I have to "fight" to not even gain, and yes it gets scary.  I only lost 13lbs last year from 537 down to 524. [Water and fluids can impact this weight of course too] This even took effort. Yes I probably have it far more complicated with severe Lipedema and other issues, but maybe with him they never discovered what is wrong.

Two months ago I hurt my ankle, this is one reason you have seen a bit less of me. I can still walk on it, but it has been in pain for a long time. I am scared of gaining weight from having to stay off of it. It has driven me crazy, my usual "walks" were wiped away. They did an X-ray and didn't find any cracks. I had managed to walk a block for the first time in years, what did it do? My ankle said "Screw you, I am out of here!".  Being fat sucks. It didn't break down that particular day, I was on this gung-ho quest to walk and take pudge off and wore my ankle out. Well I always had taken short walks to keep from gaining but I was trying to expand my territory.

Boogie does bring up abuse in the video, in this blog in the past, I have put up posts about how abuse has been connected to obesity in studies, I do not think this is an "overeaters" or food addicts issue, but one related to sustained levels of cortisol, and the effects of stress on the brain. I do believe there is a tie between my extreme abuse and what became of my health, definitely. The pictures of me as an otherwise not yet fat but plump 9 year old with a giant huge moon face, spoke for themselves. My cortisol probably was through the roof.

If anyone can escape obesity all the best to them. If I won the Lotto, I'd go on some vacations and then maybe put myself in a spa with a fancy health food chef and attached gym. Anyhow, I feel for Boogie too, in his case he's managed in other areas of life pretty well. I hope he makes it through his weight loss surgery okay. I am in the place I do not know what more to do. I'll go buy a bunch of vegetables tomorrow, the chicken breasts, the "proper" food which I have to do to keep the diabetes at bay anyhow, and do what I can, but there's a point you can only do so much.


  1. There is so much evidence that CICO is a failure for weight loss, it is not about the calories it is about the food. I did my research, back in the 90's there was little research on good or proper nutrition. Now there is tons, I was seeking something for an anti-inflammatory diet and I found Keto. Keto has improved my skin my health and I have lost weight. I think CARBS are a poison to the human system and giving them up is easier than I expected. At least that is what the research all indicates as well as my recent personal experience. I guess, I too, am tired of the same status quo being spouted even by the fed agencies, when the status quo of the last 60 years has created the sickest generation ever.

    Love you Peep, keep up the posting, I miss you when you don't post.


  2. Thanks CLP :), I am glad Keto is working for you. I wonder about carbs too, but going cold turkey on them makes me so sick, probably from insulin resistance. I do think it's better to reduce them if one can and go for the least processed. More and more I think processed food is poison in general, the kid with the starch bags I posted about probably will end up a future diabetic. Yeah the status quo has made far too many of us very ill.

  3. Abuse (with the depression of C-PTSD) definitely has an impact on weight. I gained 60 pounds when "I got pounced on" last time. I have taken most of it off since then but only because I said "no" to any more abuse, started sleeping regularly (PTSD symptoms subsiding), trying to keep in the moment (i.e. not get triggered by memories), and in general, putting self-care ahead of other things so that I could heal and contribute to the world again.
    I also gave up wheat for the most part. Giving up wheat may have something to do with it, but I doubt 60 pounds worth.
    Here's an article from Columbia University about PTSD and weight gain:

    1. Yes PTSD will cause weight gain. I have been diagnosed with it several times. When I had my major 400 pound plus weight gain I was under severe stress, had a job where violence was a daily threat and witnessed violence and crime beyond the abuse and physical abuse of home. I know sleep for me was too short. Wheat can help some folks, I tried gluten free for over 8 months and it didn't help. There's the Cushings/cortisol aspects of weight too, I have explored here, and stress jacks cortisol to the skies. Hope you are doing better Lise, I wrote an article on here how modern life stress is contributing to the obesity epidemic via higher levels of cortisol. There is some old study I posted on here too where childhood abuse is linked to increase body weight via stress as well.