Sunday, August 27, 2017

Life Lately

I've been feeling better lately. I think getting away from some final toxic relationships has helped me a lot more then I expected to.  I felt sad over the millionaire friend, but just like my mother, there was no love for me there, no apologies, no trying to patch things up. Sometimes when us ACONs do walk, we realize how one sided things really were. Living life realizing I don't have to put up with this kind of thing anymore has been far better.  I am more relaxed.

This week, I was able to meet some out of town new friends and visit with them and it went great. It was great conversation and my husband enjoyed our time visiting a lot too.  I have still been protesting Trump and have decided to become more politically involved but guess I always have been with the earlier war protesting. I fit in the protesting around my health and can't make it every week but I am glad local groups have been sticking to the plan and have not given up.

Later I plan to write about Charlottesville and some other issues when I get more time. How did things get so bad we have a president shilly-shallying about Nazis? The fact that Trump pardoned the sheriff who used to abuse inmates, put them outside in 120 degree heat and forced men to wear pink underwear, says it all to me. Someone has to stand against the growing evil.

I did get another art center scholarship and am taking another painting and drawing class, that will be an enjoyable thing I look forward to for this fall. I have one landscape painting I may put up for sale soon on here and a house painting to complete.

I went to the doctor, and found out I lost 13lbs since last year not much weight but it is still better then gaining. Oddly my dresses have become so loose on top, I have to get out the sewing machine and work on at least 4-5 of them. Trying to function while your dresses are falling off on top is not easy. I was googling today how to do this sewing. It's a bit risky. I probably need to get some more new clothes. It is possible with Lipedema, I have lost more weight on top, then the weight numbers show. All I know is my clothes up top are way too loose. They always have been bigger on top, so my clothes fit in the hips, but it's gotten more extreme.

One kidney could have a giant kidney stone, but they are waiting things out until March to see if it's really there or if my medication can shrink it. Health stuff does take a lot of time. I am slowing down a bit with age. This week I went to a meeting for a program called PACE I may join, it is for disabled elderly people. I have 6 years until I can be in it, and of course will judge where I am at by then. My ankle has recovered to my relief. It is still a little bit weak but nothing like it was.


  1. Very happy for you! When you free yourself of a burden, new things open up. Oxo