Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Woman Wants The WORLD'S FATTEST WOMAN title.

Susanne Eman's bid to be the World's Fattest Woman

Why don't they just put a sign on their chests, "We are here to make fat people look bad and help make things worse for you"?

The video is in Spanish, but you'll get the general idea, there you can see more pictures...

I wish I could talk to couple of these women. I've been at near 700lbs. Walking almost stopped for me. I am still hugely fat around 500, but if I hadn't lost down from that amount I would have been dead. Walking stops at around the 650lbs marks, hygiene becomes very hard, then you end up in the nursing home being put up on a hoist, and being in bed night and day. My doctors are in shock I have lasted this long, I bought 12 more years of life from that 160lbs I got off even if I remained in the supersizes.

I am not trying to be down on people who end up supersized. It happened to me, as I talk about in the intro article to this blog, the 400 lb gain in 28 months that I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. I know I stress my theme of almost having died, and having to fight and basically scream to be heard, to get my health problems dealt with to bring me back from the brink of death.

Even if she is doing this to gain fame, get in the paper, earn money, etc, it is a selling out to the fat hating world, basically saying all fat people are gluttons who have chosen their fate via bad behavior and choices, it makes things worse for very fat people as women like this sign up to be poster children for every negative stereotype the worse fat hater could come up with. It makes a mockery of those who really may have serious eating disorders who have led to their obesity and it also silences the voices of others, who face obesity linked illnesses. If she is really doing this, and it's not just a PR stunt, she needs serious help just like an anorexic would get from the opposite end in a hospital somewhere. It makes me even angrier that she is not thinking of her children at all.


  1. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blogs via link from Fierce Freethinking Fatties. You have a treasure trove of valuable info here. Although I agree for the most part with the whole HAES viewpoint, I do believe that at around 360 lbs. and age 50, I do have to put forth great effort to maintain my health with exercise and lots of fruits and veggies! (that's to MAINTAIN not to lose, which I have done many times with no lasting success and is just not happening anymore since menopause!)

    But you make a very valuable counterpoint to the most hardcore HAES advocates when you bring up that yes, there are health problems that go with obesity, but the obesity is a SYMPTOM of other underlying health issues, not the other way around!! I think one of the best examples of this is how, in recent years, the Health Establishment has picked up on a correlation between fatness and asthma, and of course in typical Health Nazi Puritan fashion, has blamed increased asthma rates on increased weight. Why has it occurred to NO ONE in the industry that if there is a correlation, it must be the other way around? Like, could difficulty breathing maybe cause you to exercise less, and could some medicines used to treat asthma, such as steroids like prednisone cause weight gain? DUH!!!

    Thanks for sharing your realistic perspective with all of us!

    Delia from Upstate NY

  2. Thanks Delia

    Hey with HAES I think you should try and do your best, eat as healthy as possible etc. For some of us that is all we can do. I try to eat when physically hungry--too often I admit, and to eat the best food I can--organic, fruits veggies, etc. I posted a link on another response about my HAES and white flag article there too. I think you would find that article of interest.

    I understand having to work hard to maintain.

    I have to be VERY CAREFUL not to gain. In fact I have to make sure the recent fast 30lb weight gain is WATER weight, and not fat weight. That made me sad, finally falling back into the 400s, was important. So wonder I burst out in tears at the doctors office. Since I had to go off my heart pill I told them I have to make sure I don't gain more water weight from my heart failure. I was surprised none of them even told me about that. It's kind of a weird thing now, I have to lay in bed more to make up for that but always have to keep trying some walking everyday so I don't lose stamina, or gain weight. Since I am housebound now to heat, I will have to return to my hallway walking in the apt building.

    yes there are major health problems that go with obesity. I think the obesity is a symptom, yes thanks for seeing where I am going with that. Fat people as the canaries in the coalmine suffering physically for the bad food, toxins, and environment. People didn't just get more gluttonous, hungry, lazy, lacking in will power like the diet industry types like to claim.

    Oh that fatness and asthma think makes me ANGRY.

    My lungs went first. I couldn't breathe. I had chronic bronchitis by the age of 21. How are you going to exercise right when you can't breathe and burn things off?

    You are right the correlation IS THE OTHER WAY AROUND. My life proved it. I walked 3 miles for FUN before my lungs decided to check out. The constant doses of prednisone made my face swell. If I ever change this blog from anonymous to my real name and face, I can post the pictures where my head looks like a giant moon. I am Cushingnoid off steroids so you can imagine what it did to me on. I am even on an inhaled steroid now where its on me to investigate if that could be the culprit for the kidney stones.

    So yes difficulty breathing means less activity! The medicines do make you fatter. I was on Flovent during my extreme weight gain, you know. The doctors kept telling me, oh that can't be doing it, and I desperate to breathe and function, I believed them but I see it as part of the puzzle. They ignored me when after a severe life threatening asthma attack I had to go on a prednisone pack and gained 70lbs in a month that was documented.

    Thanks for your encouragement Delia! :)