Friday, August 26, 2011

Embarrassing Moments

Thankfully I still live in a town small enough, where people have basic decency and kindness and come to my rescue. So thanks to the man who helped husband yesterday pull me up after I made the mistake of sitting down on a chair with metal legs, that was sitting on some grass for an outdoor concert [these chairs had been set out for everyone]. The chair squished into the ground, and there I was legs flaying, almost falling off, and was only one foot if that off the ground. My far stronger and big husband took one arm but thankfully got the help, of another man to help me stand up and take me and my chair, and place chair on the sidewalk. I know being bloated that getting up was even harder.

For people my size ending up on the ground is very scary stuff, there is no more helpless feeling then trying to get up, and know you cannot, I have very fat friends who have been helplessly imprisoned on the floors of their homes, one for 2 days, before a relative found her. In her case, she was not able to get or crawl to a phone. I have fallen down on the ground before, once in a puddle a few years ago, on one there, my husband had to haul me up, and I had the strength to somehow get up and another time, while husband was away on business, fell down in the kitchen and had to crawl to the bedroom, to use the bed to get up, that was very scary.

I would not want to ever live alone, I do see "I have fallen and I can't get up!" scenarios applying to me. I know years ago kids used to laugh at that commercial, but I don't laugh, I know it's reality.

Years and years ago, I probably would have cried and gone running from the venue, in sheer embarrassment and humiliation, but I guess at this conjecture and age, I have enough happen and figure well all these people do not seem to be mean about it, if anything, they probably think "that woman is getting out and at least trying to live her life". One thing fat people can't sit around blaming themselves for every little thing that happens. So I let it go and enjoyed the rest of the music show being held by past church friends.


  1. You should see this as an enormous wake up call. You are not disabled. You are fat! And you can do something about it. Please stop making excuses and lying about what you eat as well. Five hundred pounds of fat is deadly.

    1. Ah yes the "do" thing. Everyones fat because they choose to be yada yada yada blah blah blah. Everyone's a liar about what they eat, we heard it all before. I bet you pig out at Taco Bell and then think so highly of yourself for being thin.