Friday, August 26, 2011

Man Stands Up For Fat Women!

I was happy to see this....glad someone had courage to say something. If you see fat people or anyone else being insulted or bullied stand up for them!

"Fashion stylist Phillip Bloch came to the defense of two apparently overweight guests at the Standard hotel in Manhattan recently. Bloch was riding in an elevator with one of the members of the Village People — as you do — and when the doors opened, a stranger who was also in the lift with announced loudly to the waiting crowd, "No fat people allowed in the elevator! Only people who threw up their dinner can fit." While the Village Person laughed nervously, Bloch turned to the stranger and insisted that he apologize to the women he'd just insulted. The elevator operator concurred, and the man apologized. Given fashion's issues with body image — which are legion — this practically qualifies Bloch for Humanitarian of the Year"

I was defended MAJORLY once. I don't put up with any verbal abuse, but once, even when I was not present, people even walked out of the room, to hear me being insulted and made fun of, that was nice to hear about, and those folks earned my life long loyalty!

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