Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cleaning and Hiring A Housekeeper

I'm poor but I have decided to hire someone to help me clean up my apt, and found someone via personal references who has extremely decent rates. I do not need someone weekly and cannot afford that, just someone to do heavy cleaning, I think upgrading my surroundings will help my mood. After all, I am housebound a lot [the next three days, hot and humid weather is keeping me indoors] and want to enjoy life while inside. For me my surroundings ARE important. The water heater leaked all over the place, one day when we were out, and thankfully I live in a place where they do repairs well, and they sent a clean up company to dry up all the water. I've lived in some doozy places before where they would not have cleaned the mess up, so was very relived

One friend said to me, you do not have to beat yourself up, just hire someone to do the deep heavy cleaning and then do some maintenance, and you will feel a lot better, so I am going to do this. Some of us cannot afford nor are eligible for a weekly home health aide. I want to do what I can get done, really I wouldn't have enough for them to do at this present point but we need a deep clean around here. My husband is good at laundry and taking out trash on regular basis, but scrubbing floors, not so much.

I can still vacuum, cook the meals, do the dishes and things like that but I need someone to who can get down on the floor and scrub them, and do baseboards which now are covered in dust, and get this place really actually clean. At least now I can reach my apt trashcan, and went off to hurl a trash bag into it, from cleaning out the fridge. Cleaning is not easy for the very fat, though I try my best. I've gotten help before when it's grown beyond me, trying to clean with when you are allergic to every cleaning product out there outside of watered down bleach, dish soap and Murphy's oil soap isn't easy. At least if I get someone in here, to do a full clean, I won't be doing the asthma attack thing, coughing and wheezing at every strong cleaner smell.

Thankfully my friends understand they know I try my best. The time to work on decluttering my apt is also here, so I do not have it turn into a hoarder's paradise, so will be working on that as well before the big clean out. Always I give stuff away and shopping is not much of a hobby for me, so sometimes I wonder how "stuff" just literally piles up in here. LOL Well I will look forward to getting this place in better shape over all.

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