Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fat People are Hungrier II

I have a sense of relief when my appetite is dead, and I can cut the food down without feeling pain. Remember this guy's great website on satiety disorders. Always wondered what happened to that guy. I realize I am dealing with oddly dipping and cresting feelings of hunger and otherwise disgust at food, when I feel disgusted or not that interested in food, have I entered the portals of how a thin person feels everyday? It is an interesting thing, after all they can cut food down to nothing, go on a diet, and feel no pain, while I am not ingesting the 20,000 calories a day everyone thinks I am, it leaves me to ponder things.

"Obesity and Brain Control"

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  1. that's not totally true; a thin person usually gets used to hunger pangs, as do anorexics,and trains themselves to ignore them.but they DO feel them. models deliberately starve themselves, don't eat,and often faint during the day;they drink bottled water,and nip at candy, to keep themselves going.but, no, most of them KNOW they are hungry.your body wants you to know.