Monday, September 12, 2011

Giant Feet Aren't So Bad If You Need Them!

I wear size 13 shoes.

That is not a women's size, that is in MEN'S. [with a E or triple EEE width]

I have not been able to wear women's shoes for years. When I was midsized, I could get by with some size 12 shoes from Pay-Less but they were tight. The last few years, I have worn men's clogs and sandals, but size 13 shoes even in men's are rare among all the size 9 and 10s.

They simply do not make shoes my size, there are a few speciality catalogues, where you can get very large shoes, but be prepared to pay top dollar.

My Mom is getting me size 13 leather clogs for my birthday which is very nice....I definitely need them.

I sometimes wonder why my feet are so much larger then normal women, why no hats ever fit my head. I guess it's good the feet were bigger, I wouldn't want to be supporting all this weight on size 5 feet! In my case it worked out!


  1. Your feet are big because you ARE FAT!!!

  2. So what accounts for the LENGTH?

    They were size 12, by the time I was in high school.