Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pot Smokers May Have Lower Rates of Obesity

It's news of the weird time, suppose Cheech and Chong would have been overjoyed to hear this:
"Pot Smokers May Have Lower Rates of Obesity"

Researchers analyzed data from two large national surveys of the American population, which together included some 52,000 participants. In the first survey, they found that 22% of those who did not smoke marijuana were obese, compared with just 14% of the regular marijuana smokers. The second survey found that 25% of nonsmokers were obese, compared with 17% of regular cannabis users.

Wonder if they lack motivation to get off the couch, to even boil a box of Kraft dinner?

A commenter at the article theorized that marijuana lowers cortisol levels, this study says different but speaks of the blunting of the hormones..

Anyhow stay away from the stuff, lots of other bad side affects, pot use over long run seems to turn people into shell's of their former selves. Maybe I just know too many burn-outs who act like potted plants themselves.

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