Monday, September 5, 2011

SuperSized Cycles!

Remember when I was wondering if there was a place that sold bicycles for fat people?

Well there is...

Supersized Cycles

We're the only builders of bikes that carry up to 550 pounds.
Our 100% guarantee on our own Zize Bikes--You love it, or we buy it back!
Extensive selection including bicycles, tricycles, and electric bikes.
Zize Bikes are unmatched in quality of parts, materials, and construction.
Superior design and construction.
We carry a wide array of Zize-appropriate accessories, each one tested to be the best for your use.
Toll-free support in choosing the best bike and for technical questions. Best prices on the best products.

If you find one of our products for less, let us know and we'll match it!*

I would need a tricycle in my case.

Well I would need to be in a better shape and they are pricey--but it would be worthwhile to save up for one.

Hope this link helps someone else.


  1. Actually, there is another site that sells trikes with a 550-pound capacity:

  2. Sorry this comment is SO late but i just discovered your blog and am reading through it. I love it, by the way! Please do look at worksman, and please do contact them. I'm active in cycling and the owner is an absolute standup guy according to everyone who knows him, and they are the best quality. You can sometimes find old ones for sale, but given that you are an active blogger maybe they could help you with a promotion of some sort too. I hope to see you out on the roads some day! Best of luck and hugs to you.