Monday, September 5, 2011

Restaurants Making More Tasteless Food

I got a chicken sandwich from Culver's [they are a more local upgraded restaurant, up a few notches from fast food], on the way to go grocery shopping, I was hungry and desperate at 1:00 o clock and there was nothing to eat at home. This chicken sandwich was so absolutely tasteless, I am considering writing a letter to the company, saying "Look, it was like eating a piece of cardboard between two pieces of softer cardboard." I ate about half of it for blood sugar reasons and threw the rest away. Maybe it's my taste buds, but has anyone else noticed food just does not taste the same? Could someone also inform some food executives, that if food loses any taste just from sitting for a few minutes and getting colder, that something is very wrong with that food? If you are noticing that food tastes far worse, leave a comment.

It's like they have bred all the taste out of it. Don't even get me started on main stream fast food or lower cost restaurant food, gross to the max, and in my case, eating it means immediate illness. Trying to find food that tastes good, is tough, when you have bad food allergies and they have glopped everything with a pound of cheese and everything is fried and breaded. For some reason I live in a restaurant wasteland, outside of one good Chinese restaurant, and one higher price deli and two bistro places, unless you got 30 bucks per person to pony up for a meal, food around here is pretty low in quality and sinking lower. It must be the economy as they buy cheaper ingredients to make the stuff with.

Now just wait til they enforce some of those salt and other rules they've been talking about. Is it just me, or is food losing taste? I know McDonald's definitely cut down the quality and taste over the years, the McDonald's of 25 years ago, definitely there was some taste left in the food. When they do things like make all the chicken McNuggets "white bleached" out meat, instead of when there used to be some made from darker chicken meat, then you know they care more about uniformity then taste. I am eating out less and less, it's a spin of the roulette wheel avoiding illness, maybe I am spoiled having learned how food is supposed to taste eating more of the real and organic stuff. They keep telling fat people to lose weight, but good food is becoming less and less accessible and harder to get a hold of. I have a cousin who just became a truck driver, I can see him gaining 100lbs just from bad road food alone.


  1. There is no doubt that food is becoming more tasteless. But it isn't just in restaurants. It is the same with all food you buy from the store. I have been cooking since I was 5. Now I am 40. I notice when I need to add this or that to get the taste I am accustomed to. And I never forget a flavor when I eat out. It is just in the past few years that "something" major has changed regarding the food industry. It cannot be explained without making assumptions. That is, unless you have an inside scoop on what is actually going on.

    But one place to start is by understanding where all the flavor came from the begin with. There is no clearcut answer on that considering the variety of foods we have in this world. But one thing is for certain. The fats that were used have been changed. And so have the quality of proteins and sugars. Ever notice how many pet foods have meat "by products"? This means that they can use bone and call it protein. There is certainly a gray area that remains in the food insdustry considering all the fancy names they put on the list of ingredients, which all essentially means "We don't want you to know what's really in it".

    The worst ingredient in food is MSG. And it comes under many different names (aliases) to throw a person off its trail. Why is the stuff so important? Because it is what gives food its addictive nature. Food companies have one goal in mind. To be as filthy rich as possible and to make sure it never stops rolling in. How do they do that? MSG. The government has a rat experiment for diabetes and similar diseases. In order to get obese rats, they use MSG. The rats become extremely dependent on the stuff. The same applies to humans. MSG is not a preservative. Therefore, it does not need to be present in foods. My experience as a cook tells me that anything can be made to taste good without it. But the industry doesn't care about ethics. Only profit. And it takes foolish consumers to keep them in business. A good reason why everyone needs to be educated on the truth. Then people won't have an excuse for being foolish.

    I can remember a time when my wife and I would stop eating certain foods in order to replace them with healthier alternatives. Of course, looking back now I realize why it never worked. You can make a salad, but as soon as you pour the store bought dressing on it, you've got MSG. And you certainly cannot trust big farmers with even a head of lettuce. Who knows what its been treated with. Probably some other addictive chemical. Grow your own. Buy from the local farmers. Raise your own chickens and cows. Put in a fish pond.

    We are now living in the days where corporate minded businesses cannot be trusted 1%. They need to be shut down. Forget jobs. Forget security. There is a little thing called "PRINCIPLE" that is far more important than keeping people in jobs by allowing a poisonous company to stay in business. We are seeing an epidemic of hypocrisy in America. When you see a McDonalds charity then you know just how evil the company is. Take donations to help children. At the same time, clog their arteries, get them addicted to your food, and everyone lives happily ever after WITH CANCER.

  2. I am glad someone else has admitted this going on too. I had some heirlhoom vegetables once in my old town and get them rarely here and the taste was so much more intense. I think the food in stores is lower quality. There is one big chain that is nationwide, that I refuse to shop at because I noticed even the meat tasted funny. I have noticed it is far harder to get good flavors in food and find myself adding even Tabasco dashes to stuff I'd never imagined I would just to get some flavor to something.

    With the corporations they are doing a lot of synthetic flavor garbage which will never add up to the real thing. I don't eat normal snack food but think of foods like Doritos where they spray on a bunch of powder. Yuck!

    You are right they have changed the fats. The other day, my husband bought this brand of hummus I don't like and the fat in it is canola oil and it tasted weird with strange texture. I have heard canola is one of the biggest GMO affected products out there.

    They are giving us now often adulterated food. There are a lot of food products I can't eat because they make me sick. MSG chief among them, but even avoiding all the phony MSGs is tough. Dextrose was even snuck into some salt I bought the other day which I refuse to use. Yes with the pets you don';t want to know what is in there but then they are turning the cows and rest into cannibals, giving them meat "byproducts" to save money. it's so disgusting. Some of the meat seems gross, like these heavy "broth" laden chickens one can get from the store. I can't afford the organic chicken which can get up to 14.00 for a whole chicken.
    Did you see my article on how the MSG is fattening everyone up?

    One constant problem I face is finding and affording good food. I get tired and sometimes just take what I can get, but even this week I told husband we have to go to the health food store, and this town I live in is a health food dessert, and we have to go on a 30 mile round trip to get decent stuff, unless the veggie stands are opened.

    The food companies do not care about you and me. They only care about profit and I believe they are addicting people on purpose, through the fats and sugars and MSG. People don't even know what real food tastes like. Also people's bodies are malnutritioned and they are eating more calories trying to replace what has been lost in a hopeless pursuit.

    When I found out that scientists use MSG to fatten up rats it said it all to me.

    And they wonder why the American populace is getting fatter and fatter?

    One could ponder those who theorize about back door population control, etc.
    I agree about being barely able to find a salad dressing without MSG. Trying to eat without it, is very tough.

    I really wish I could grow my own food, but to get a place with any land is very expensive but I try to do what I can.

    I do not think the mega-corporations can be trusted either. Look at what they have done to this country even outsourcing jobs etc. Many of them have betrayed us. I buy off brands when I do get food, trying to avoid the BIG NAMES< but even there you have to be careful as they have endless subgroups and companies that use GMOs and more that claim to sell healthy food.

    McDonalds I agree. How many kids end up in the hospital from eating McDonalds food? Even their so called healthy apples are covered in perservatives.By the way, I get sick if I eat anything from a fast food restaurant and have avoided them for YEARS. [That includes their salads and the rest]

    Yes there is serious things wrong with American food. The poorer you are the worse it gets too.

  3. >I ate about half of it for blood sugar reasons and threw the rest away.

    If you control your diabetes through eating sugar, what do you expect?

    >Maybe it's my taste buds, but has anyone else noticed food just does not taste the same?

    Obese people lose their sense of taste, and it's cheaper to make shit food, which the obese will still buy.

  4. Most people don't see a chicken sandwich as sugar filled dessert, I suppose it is from fast food though with white bread. You got a cite for fat people losing their sense of taste or did you just pull that one up out of thing air? Yes you are right it is cheaper to make crappy food. Why is that? Why is the price of food relegated high or low with the good always high? You see a problem with that?