Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weight Watchers Works?

"Weight Watcher Works"...

If it worked, wouldn't there be fewer fat people?

I did Weight Watchers circa 2008, all those points, that annoying little brown booklet, all those weird counting of points, [I had to eat the same as the people who weighed 230lbs], all that nauseating cabbage soup that ended up chewing out my bowels, where you had to stingily measure out the tomato paste, I was happy when it was over. I lost 8lbs for my months of trouble but then trying to figure out what fat had been lost among all the 20-30lb up and downs due to water, was difficult.

The director yelled at me, telling me, "don't you care about your life"? You should be losing more!" Hey yeah tell me about it.

I saw this story done on national news, forget if it was ABC, CBS or NBC.

By the way the study was funded by Weight Watchers!

In the weight loss study, which was funded by Weight Watchers International but run as an investigator-led trial with all data collection and analysis conducted by the independent research team, researchers assessed 772 overweight and obese adults in Australia, Germany and Britain

I wouldn't touch Weight Watchers with a ten foot pole now.

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