Monday, September 5, 2011

EU spends £2.5m encouraging people to eat insects

EU spends £2.5m encouraging people to eat insects

Hey maybe this will be part of the "global fight against obesity"...

The mind boggles, just total insanity...

The research institute that offers the best proposal for investigating 'insects as novel sources of proteins' will be awarded the money by the commission.

They will have to research quality and safety, potential allergies and what sort of proteins the insects offer.

Professor Marcel Dicke, leading a team at Wageningen University, in Holland, is applying for the grant.

He told the Sunday Times: 'By 2020 you will be buying insects in supermarkets.

'We have already seen the introduction of eggplants, sushi, things people never ate here. I think it will start with ground-up insects in sauces and burgers.'

Snacking on silkworm moth larvae or adding blitzed bees to sauces could offer a much-needed solution to soaring costs of red meat.

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