Sunday, September 11, 2011

What is Fat Studies?

I took the women studies class in college an eon ago, and realize it was more a brainwashing indoctrination session, to love hyper-feminism, and to "worship" the "goddess". My professor there was hard core. Shout that you were against the patriarchy, and ready to go back in time, to burn a few bras and your "A" was almost guaranteed.

Now we have "fat studies".

Should I write a paper? I doubt academia would give me much of an ear. That is it's own world, if you divert from the "rules" in the size acceptance world, refusing to celebrate fat, and desiring a real cure--not the nonsense they are shoveling--any free thinkers need not reply. Even here, how could I write a paper of "fat ACCEPTANCE", I do not accept my fat, my fat is equal to my almost deaf ears, annoying but to be celebrated? Forget it. Some of the language here gets kind of odd.

Fat Studies reminds us that all bodies are inscribed with the fears and hopes of the particular culture they reside in, and these emotions often are mislabeled as objective “facts” of health and biology. More importantly, perhaps, Fat Studies insists on the recognition that fat identity can be as fundamental and world-shaping as other identity constructs analyzed within the academy and represented in media

What about the hope to stay alive? This seems a lot to ask Mr. Adipose cell...I suppose Mr. Adipose does not realize the trouble he has caused.

What's wrong with using the words overweight or obesity? They want those only used in "ironic" fashion.


  1. Hi,

    I've been reading your blog for a while. I think you are very strong and it's good to see somebody who refuses to fall into hive mind thinking.

    I've been thinking for a while that there needs to be some sort of middle ground community. A place for fat people that isn't going to tell them they're disgusting pigs, that isn't going to say that dieting works, that weight loss surgery is the answer. But, also as important, doesn't pretend there are no health risks associated with obesity. I'm only 200 pounds and already my weight is impacting on my health.

  2. Thanks Nomivore.

    I appreciate the encouragement very much. For me to be fully involved in size acceptance outside of standing up for fat people, I would have to deny my very reality. I know even at lesser weights [well I have been all of them, LOL] there is a change to one's health. I still remember how it felt to gain the weight that took me from near normal to mid-sized [the 200s] and that the health affects even of that was no good. I want truth telling about obesity and there is so little of that. Thank you.