Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dying to be the Fattest Woman on Dr Oz

I do not support Dr. Oz, disagree with lots of his medical information but he is right about what is happening here. Recently he featured Susanne Eman who wants to be the fattest woman on the world.

Watch all 4 parts of the video here.

I wonder if this person is being advanced, to help push the lies about fat people, that we are all overweight, and WANT to be that way. The whole tyranny of CHOICE thing placed upon fat people as a whole. This woman is doing a disservice to fat people all over the place , she will only guarantee folks like me will endear more shut down ears and disgust because people will think we are all like her!

Trust me, they would never choose someone like me to put on TV, but the extreme example of someone who is this mentally ill and is willfully pushing her own way into the the nursing home is sad. She will die on this trajectory and needs help. As I have written before, why are anorexics helped and not fat people? I begged to be put in the hospital during my weight gain to find out what was going on, but was ignored. I have noticed she has gotten a lot bigger since I last reported on her. Remember Donna Simpson is the other lady vying for this fattest woman in the world title.

Part 2, Dr. OZ brings up what she does for a living which is posting nude or near nude for a fetish website for fat admirers. That alone I could speak volumes about regarding the dysfunction and lack of morality but it's nothing like the real job, she seems to think it is. Dr. Oz speaks of the fat admirers being the second biggest fetish. Even this shows the debauchery in that world. Dr Oz speaks of feeders and "gainers" and educates his audience about the sick world of fat feederism and admiration. I have talked about that world here: "Chubby Chasers Give Me the Willies".

Part 3, they explore this world even more. "Is it right for us to judge"? Dr. Oz responds, "Is being 700lbs healthy?" I think the people who think Susanne Eman is *healthy* are dreaming. One can tell she is even short of breathe sitting there. She states "I do not have diabetes", [well that won't be for long.]

Part 4 shows her doctor not happy with her and her two children, the children think she will die. Too bad she thinks so little of them not to at least fight to stay alive. My friends and family know I have. Sometimes I wonder has this person just not had a scare yet? No time in the hospital almost dead of cellulitis? Maybe soon a wake-up call, will be coming, but she may not survive it. Her saying to him: "I do not have any health problems" is delusional. She also turns out to be diabetic, 156 fasting is diabetic. Her triglycerides are sky-high in the 500s. She even had a possible pulmonary embolism. Her oxygen dropping to 75% when walking is really really bad. They got worried when I walked outside and had it drop to 91%, acouple years ago, I didn't just walk across a room, I walked out of my apt and onto the front sidewalk which includes acouple of hallways and a foyer.

I am glad he is trying to wake her up but she shows the signs of mental illness, her odd smile and detached affect speak for themselves. "I don't feel like I am jeopardizing my health", she says to him. She sounds fully brainwashed by the extreme "fat is healthy" nonsense in the fat promotion world. He told her that it was very dangerous for her to get in an airplane. I can't fly nor would I ever risk it. The only statement I could give her some agreement is "They do not understand us" but her response "I'm fine with the way I am" is just more whistling by the grave yard.

She is 32 years old, right now youth is keeping her alive but barely. If you are throwing clots, you are on the edge of the abyss into death. When I was near 700lbs, walking got very close to ending for good--my youth is only what kept me able to propel myself, but I remember then, the constant infections, the not being able to breathe at all while laying down, the constant shortness of breath, and my breathing still stinks now but then it was bad, to the point there was at least a daily anxiety attack from feeling like I was smothering and I really WAS! Sometimes, to be frank, and this may be an admission that is odd on this blog, I am literally shocked to be still alive myself, but I prayed to God for more years, God keeps me alive, but I didn't choose this in my case. Multiple endocrine and other health problems co mingled to bring me into the super-obese world. I think that is why Susanne Eman upsets me so much. She makes a show of choosing her own death. She should be put in a hospital and treated the same as any other suicidal or other anorexic on a self destructive tear.


  1. I totally agree with you. I weigh 400 lbs, I know that dieting doesn't work and I do believe that people need to eat healthily and get whatever exercise they can, no matter what they weigh. I live in terror that my body that has decided I need to stay this big will decide someday that it needs to be bigger, and medicine won't be able to help me anymore than it can right now. This woman is perpetuating the stereotype that fat people eat tons of food and have a choice. She makes me so sad.

  2. Thanks, it's hard. Sometimes I wonder if they choose certain people to be famous because they can help the status quo message, in other words, remember how I said a certain well known size activist seems to be a "change agent" of sorts keeping the truth from getting out there about weight, why not this woman? She serves as a posterchild for every evil, horrible, stereotype about fat women that is out there, and it helps entrench them. I believe food has far less then do then "weight" then other factors and one day, they will find out. But we live in a society that benefits from the truth not being out there.

  3. You wrote, " I think that is why Susanne Eman upsets me so much. She makes a show of choosing her own death. She should be put in a hospital and treated the same as any other suicidal or other anorexic on a self destructive tear."

    Well said! I totally agree.

  4. Thanks. I think she should be put in the hospital. I think she did back away since then from the self induced destructive weight gain. I sure hope so.