Friday, August 26, 2011

The False Idea That We Totally Control Our Bodies

I believe one lie they tell everyone is they can control their bodies and if they do A, B, and C, they will have a perfectly thin body.

One thing that happened in America, is all these false teachings, that if you can believe it you can achieve it and nothing stands in your way. I referred to some of this in the Brightsided article.

In this life, suffering and death are realities, those of more old school beliefs, shake our heads at even modern thinking about life, as if every bad thing can be conquered, I am old enough, and have seen enough even suffering of others, where dementia and scary very bad health problems were end results for many. In other words, when you hit your mid 40s, you do start losing people. It's a fact of life, and one I've had to face, losing my in-laws at a rather young age--just barely having hit AARP status, and acouple other friends in that age range.

I see this in the fat hatred land, how they condemn fat people "for not getting a handle on themselves". More and more I have examined myself, what do you do to stay alive? Do you do what is "right"? Well as I have said due to other health problems, my diet is far more rigid then many people due to necessity. This doesn't mean I sit around eating gruel, but I haven't been able to eat pizza, icecream, fried chicken in some time. They present all these ex-fat people who give out this constant message, "you can do it too!". I subscribe to old school beliefs about obesity, one of which is LOWER metabolisms is a reality, and there is a certain line where food nutrient requirements get too low and one cannot bear to live life always hungry. In other words, some fat people will never be thin people unless there is great suffering or let's say being locked up in a camp and starved which sometimes I worry they will get to one day as they pound the obesity epidemic drum which yes people are getting fatter but none of their so called answers work, why? Because they are all based on this false idea, that everyone can control their bodies.

A lot of this is fueled by a lot of false stuff out there, the "believe and you will achieve" stuff, where the realities of death, dying, and illness are shoved under the American carpet of delusion. People looking to "The Secret" brainwashed by endless advertising that denotes endless wealth, and bodily "perfection" for those who think the "right thoughts". I see this in size acceptance. All those who are not smiling, perky, and praising the wonders of fat, are to be ostracized and shunned. They too are part of the delusion matrix, same as the "diet and you will be automatically thin contingent as I have discussed before. I even saw this article today which kind of shocked me, it is a "size acceptance" article from 2010 so overly indoctrinated into the size acceptance religion, it defends one of the "want to be fattest women in the world" contestants, saying well "She enjoys her body".

In a society, where absolute control of one's body, is presented, even in size acceptance, they think you can control everything, I suppose where even Donna Simpson can suspend and control time and space, to avoid an early death.

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