Friday, August 26, 2011

Got Some New Dresses

I know I stress the theme of fat ladies getting themselves some flattering clothes. A good friend of mine bought me two dresses, and I was very thankful and I told her my favorite clothes website to order them off of. Thanks very much to that dear friend! Another friend got me a very pretty blue purse as well, which will go with both these dresses for my birthday. And then I have this other friend who always thinks of me all the time as well as well as many others. I do have many sweet friends. :)

The clothes website was Sanctuarie....

One dress was cut in princess style for pear shapes, and that is a very flattering dress.

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  1. yes, just cause i'm large, does not mean i don't like is an art, and craft, as well as protection from climates, and dressing to hide one's body, in society.(some cultures do not mind nudity.)

    also, what you wear, tells people things about you.--or hides things from them, actors are good at dressing to appear richer, cause it's part of also dress to be part of a certain group.