Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Obesity and Power: The Lies That Control You

I was thinking about some more of this stuff as a continuation of the Marilyn Wann article, and the one I posted about size acceptance and how they marginalize the voices of real fat people. I would even state there is a definite classist element to size acceptance where snobbery and hyper-liberal types rule, in other words, what am I saying? It's not your average citizens who are getting fatter year by year getting a voice out there even on that side of things. Thank God for the internet as it now stands, that some of the rest of us can get a voice out there.

In other words, if you do not toe the line you are tossed to the side. Right now, in trying to get this blog out there, I have been censored from probably more then 10 size acceptance websites, "Big Fat Blog" among them. Anyone who reads this blog, can tell, that I definitely stand against fat hatred and what is being done to fat people in this world but they do not want any other truth told.

As I have written before BOTH SIDES serve each other and fat people slip through the cracks. While the public is trained like Pavlovian dogs to bow before their scales, and see obesity as a wholly hyper-personal responsibility problem, this keeps the populace dumbed down and fat people scapegoated as a whole. Why wouldn't size acceptance be dumbed down too? Perhaps there is a reason I see the endless lines of the SAME kind of people saying the SAME kind of things over and over barring those with a different voice from the door. I mean after all, would the powers that be allow true questions out there? It is a question to think about.

Poorer people in America are fatter by the numbers [more adulterated food] so this can even keep the poorer of this society more down and impoverished, as they are trained to blame themselves for the state of their bodies, instead of anyone looking around and saying "Hey maybe it's the system, maybe human beings weren't designed to live this way, and eat food that is so processed to death, with every fattening and high sugar agent added to it as possible". Consider high fructose corn syrup, lately I feel like I can barely get away from the stuff even finding it in an expensive bottle of barbecue sauce to put on some baked chicken....Turns out it does make you far fatter then regular sugar:.

(CNN) -- Acolytes of "Food Rules" guru Michael Pollan and other well-meaning foodies who've made corn a scapegoat for the nation's health crises have welcomed a new study from Princeton University that suggests high-fructose corn syrup causes more significant weight gain than table sugar.

But the findings have been criticized by food science experts and industry veterans, who say the study unfairly demonizes corn syrup and implicitly absolves cane sugar of responsibility for making Americans fat.

If the food lacks nutrition, what else is going to happen? Why does unhealthy automatically mean cheaper in America when it comes to food? It seems to be almost by design. More on that later too...

Very few are following what is happening to our food supply, as many more giant corporations buy things up, where our food is becoming genetically modified--[which is proving to be more harmful and kill nutrients in our food. Even small farms are under the gun today and they are trying to outlaw herbal and other supplements via Codex Alimentrus. Why are so many invested in telling us what to eat or limiting the supply of the GOOD STUFF?

Why are all the agriculture subsidies going for the fattening stuff instead of the healthy food? Ponder that one for a bit.

In an an article called

The Obesity Conspiracy Exposed
the author lists the culprits:

1. Giant food manufacturers. The greedy corporate executives who run these publicly traded companies habitually demand that addictive obesity additives be added into foods and beverages that line our grocery store shelves. These (mostly) man-made chemicals lead to severe food addictions, causing people to eat more and more (and, subsequently, buy more and more) while unsavory food giants haul in record profits.

2. The big, bad pharmaceutical giants and the medical industry. Keep in mind that the drug companies don't make profits by helping you become slim and healthy. On the contrary, their big profits come from force feeding you and your family dozens of medications to control such weight-related conditions as high blood pressure, depression, certain cancers, high cholesterol, anxiety, heartburn, insomnia, low energy, erectile dysfunction, gout, and diabetes… just to name a few. The goal of these companies is to make you a pill-popping client for life. Even more terrifying is the fact that pharmaceutical giants virtually own doctors. They control most of the curriculum in medical schools as well as the continuing education classes doctors are required to take. Unfortunately, this means doctors are learning to push a pill or a procedure rather than getting to the root of the problem, which in many cases revolves around nutritional issues. Doctors today should keep in mind what the Greek physician and father of medicine, Hippocrates, said more than 2,000 years ago: "Let medicine be our food, and food be our medicine."

A public that is guilted over failing to have a perfect body, and given no answers to the same is more easily controlled and manipulated. The "bad fatties" which have grown to the majority of the American populace [I know I am on the extreme of the spectrum, but look up the obesity numbers, what is it 40- 60% plus now?] are told they are bad, awful people, who simply do not hold enough will-power, self-control as their thin, plastic surgery infused overlords.

Some time ago, I decided I am tired of being told I am "at fault". In my case, the insane endocrine problems cut me a minor break, with at least the decent doctor's telling me I have severe metabolic issues but so what? The world as a whole has been brainwashed to blame every fat person on the planet. All I want to know is why don't the fat haters ever ask who would ever choose to be fat in this world.

I wonder if obesity will be used in the future, as not only the informal class marker it serves as today [barrier to jobs already] but as a way to control the populace even more, if one's body doesn't measure up. Already we know about the health care bills that want to track obesity, being set up now, but what one can wonder about is how that information will be USED?

Think about this, how many now are profiting off obesity, and how many more will profit off it in the future? Consider this too, obesity has exploded in the last thirty years. Who stands to profit? When you see even obesity organizations joining with mega corporations you really got to wonder...Why is MSG and other chemicals literally being poured into the food?

While there are good people in size acceptance who join up to stand against the fat hatred, you won't see any of the size acceptance elite ask these questions, in fact some of them definitely seem to serve the interests of the powers that be too, telling the fat, just be happy to be fat, no matter what it does to you and doing everything in their power to shut up anyone who doesn't follow the party line.


  1. Hi. Thanks for the post. I am in agreement with all you write. Except maybe one thing - you say obese people are marginalised, but I don't even see us in the margins lol. Everything you read seems to be written by thin nutritionists, thin doctors and ex-fatties.

    I'm about 370lbs, and I hate it, but I can't seem to stop gaining, no matter how hard I try. And yes, it is seen as a personal failing, and no help is offered apart from diet sheets. If I could keep to a diet sheet I would not be fat and would not have done to the doc in the first place .

  2. LOL about us being in the margins...

    Yeah I know its hard, only some of us are getting a voice but very few. Diet sheets are a joke, because of the reality of human hunger. I don't think thin people even stick to them and most of their diets wouldn't pass the muster either. I do hope you can stop gaining, I know its scary when you are nearing the 400lb mark already been there. I have to be careful NOT to gain myself, can't afford weight to go up.