Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Collecting Stamps

Collecting stamps is a good hobby for a disabled person. I enjoy collecting them, it is a low stress hobby unlike many that require even more expensive equipment, time and money, I always was interested in art and history so brought those two interests together in one hobby. I have collected stamps for two years. This is a fun hobby and even if you are lower income, you can find cheaper deals to buy stamps and trade and sort them. Unsorted stamps are cheaper and easier to come by.


  1. My Dad has a stamp collection he is going to give me. Since he lives in Iran, this is going to be AWESOME! I'm really excited to see these stamps because to me they're going to be very exotic.

  2. Sounds cool, especially a stamp collection from overseas. I have some Middle Eastern stamps and like collecting world wide exotic ones too. I have had friends give me old stamp collections, my favorite thing to do is to sort through one.

  3. wow, get a lot of stamps from your own father! I'm jealous hehe -_-